11 Benefits of Tapping for Anxiety

Tapping offers many unique benefits compared to standard medical treatments for anxiety — cognitive therapy and medications — and even other relaxation techniques.

Here’s a summary of the many good reasons to try tapping for your anxiety:

1. There are no pills to take, no doctors to visit. While there are certified EFT professionals you can call on, most people do not need this level of help.

2. Tapping is so simple that you can learn to do it in a few minutes.

3. You don’t need to lie down or close your eyes, and once you’ve got the hang of it there is no need to listen to a script.

4. Tapping can be done anywhere or anytime you feel stressed or anxious — at your desk, in your car, or even during a quick bathroom break.

5. It’s an extremely flexible technique that is easily customized for your unique situation. You can even use tapping to address more than one issue at a time.

6. Tapping can be helpful regardless of the underlying cause of your anxiety or the kind of anxiety disorder you have.

7. Improvement is often rapid. Even persistent problems can sometimes be cleared in just a few tapping sessions. Treatment time frames range from one session for phobias to six sessions for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). (9)

8. Success rates are high. According to EFT founder Gary Craig, tapping can bring complete or partial relief in about 80% of cases and relief is often permanent. Working with a certified EFT practitioner increases the success rate to an impressive 95%. (10)

9. Tapping has no known negative side effects.

10. Tapping puts you in control of your mental health. This is especially important if you are concerned about the social stigma attached to getting psychiatric help.

11. Unlike therapy, medications, and even natural anti-anxiety supplements, tapping doesn’t cost a thing.