5 Herbs To Enhance Your Meditation

Are you looking to make your meditation time even deeper? Or perhaps you’re new at meditating and want some help switching off your brain. Meditating with herbs and plants, eitr medicinal extracts or the live plant itself, can add a whole new dimension to your meditations once you tune in to the spirituality or vibrational energy of the plant. Here’s 5 herbs that can bring a deeper level to your meditation.


Skullcap is an ideal herb to include in your meditation ritual as it helps calm the mind. Sipping on a cup of skullcap tea before meditation can help if you find your mind likes to chatter during meditation. Skullcap can help us manifest our inner truths and strengthen our inspirations, while also warding off negative energies and nightmares.

California poppy | 5 Herbs To Enhance Your Meditation

California Poppy

I love California poppy! California poppy is related to the opium poppy but contains no opiates, so it’s completely legal and non-addictive. This beautiful herb is wonderful for opening up your intuition and increasing prophetic dreams. California poppy may also be used to help you become aware of vibrational energies of plants and people. I guess you could say that California poppy is like a gateway to using herbs spiritually!


Have you ever seen a passionflower? They are such intricate, mesmerising flowers! Meditating with the flower can be mesmerizing too. Passionflower can give you a sense of peace and allow you to focus. If you are feeling troubled or plagued with problems, passionflower might be the herb for you to include in your meditations. Gaze at the flower, picture the passionflower in your mind, or take some passionflower tea or essence to enhance your meditation.


Kava has a long history of traditional ritual use in the Polynesian islands. The kava root can assist with quieting the mind, opening the third eye and enhancing psychic powers. This herb may induce visions, and has a history of use with shamans. Kava is a powerful herb to take if you want to take your meditation to the next level. Be careful with consuming kava, as too much can be damaging to the liver and kidneys – never consume kava with alcohol, and avoid kava extracts made with alcohol.


Hops | 5 Herbs To Enhance Your Meditation



Hops is a personal favourite for meditating with. This herb helps us with the flow of energy, and to give and receive with abundance. Hops reminds us that in order to receive, we must also give. A common way to use hops is to make a dream pillow and stuff it with some dried hops – not only is hops wonderful for meditations, but can also assist with falling asleep. If you love meditating in bed before you sleep, making a dream pillow with hops can be a magical way to include hops in your meditations.

Before consuming any medicinal herbs, it’s best to check with a herbalist to ensure the herbs are safe for you and your personal medical status.

Do you have a favourite herb you love to meditate with? Leave a comment below and let us know!