Amanda Shares What Makes A Woman Happy In Her Business?

What Makes A Successful Business Woman Happy In Her Business?

As someone who started her business in 2020 at the start of the pandemic and with no business experience it’s certainly been a roller coaster experience so here’s a few things I learned along the way that have kept me happy and sane!

Look After Yourself

You are the driver of your business so I find it’s essential to prioritise my happiness, be compassionate with myself, and work with acceptance, you’re all you’ve got so look after yourself accordingly. Try and run your business on your own terms, don’t let the tail wag the dog and if it seems to be heading in that direction then step back and reflect and adjust how and where you can. Prioritise your time on a weekly/daily basis, working with structure keeps me happy, being organised gives me more time, which also gives me more flexibility so if I don’t hit my targets that’s ok, I just move them. Equally important is celebrating your wins, whether it’s making a difficult phone call, finishing a blog, or booking your ideal client, all of worthy of celebrating.

Include time out during your day and week, turn off your phone for a few hours, it’s so liberating. This is so important, you need to be happy and motivated in your business to be successful, schedule in time to do what makes you happy, take a walk, get outside, listen to some music, whatever will give you that little boost. Schedule time for your holidays, travel is so good for my soul but if I don’t schedule it something else always comes up and I don’t get to travel. As the saying goes “Time spent doing nothing is never wasted”.

Social Media

Social media can be a wonderful thing, if used wisely. If you choose the right sort of Facebook group to join it really helps keep you happy, whether you are a new or an established business. I find the groups are supportive and you can network, make new friends and this leads to great opportunities. These groups give you the practical help and emotional support to grow and learn in a safe nurturing space, and it feels so good to be a part of these communities. Sharing your business experience with others in these groups, collaborating, and giving back to your community is also a good happiness boost. I find voluntary work I do outside of my business for the RAF association also brings a great degree of happiness and this indirectly makes me a better, happier business owner.

Magnolia A Celebration Of Spring – Artwork by Jacqueline Rose Art Click Here


Acceptance is a key aspect of what keeps me happy in my business.  Remind yourself that all you can do is your best, and your best will be different at different times and in different situations. When you make mistakes accept them and learn from them, nobody’s perfect. Every period of your life will demand a different you, not everyone will choose you or like you but as long as you know who you are, and your business values and ethics then it’s easier to accept this. You can’t be everything to everyone so set boundaries and be happy that you are looking after you, self care and compassion are critical to your happiness. A happy business owner is far more attractive to prospective clients. I try and avoid imposter syndrome; I avoid comparing myself to others because everyone’s journey is different. Its not always easy I have to admit but it’s critical to my happiness.


I find great happiness socialising with friends and ex colleagues regardless of how busy I am. They know you well, are always supportive and always have your back, they should always remain a key priority, after all Diamonds never lose their value.


Personally, I love to challenge myself, keep growing as a business and a person, I accept that I’m constantly evolving and I try and embrace change, and take advantage of new opportunities, you never know where it might lead and although it’s sometimes a bit daunting its exciting too! I think this is one of the key aspects that keeps me happy but I appreciate that everyone is different.

As if said earlier don’t compare yourself to other people, everyone’s journey is different, but if you can take anything from here that works for you then that’s great.

Love to hear your thoughts on what keeps you happy in your business…

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About The Author

I’m Amanda, a multi award winning celebrant specialising in weddings. I work with couples to create their perfect ceremony which I then officiate on the day. An ex teacher of over 30 years I retired early to set up my business just before the Covid19 pandemic.

I’ve written for and featured in several magazines, podcasts and websites and love to travel, recently developing my business in the global market as a destination celebrant.

My business is Amanda’s beautiful ceremonies . In my spare time I like to get out in nature whether that’s walking, playing golf or spending time in my kayak. Socialising makes me happy, and I like music, dancing, and attending gigs and sometimes festivals, generally I have a lust for life.


Photo Taken Of Amanda in main featured image has been taken by Victoria Welton Photography

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