Amanda Weller – Nature’s Healing Tool: Grounding / Earthing

Grounding, or earthing, frequently comes up in my client sessions. When it does, I always start by asking whether they ever walk around barefoot. The responses are more often than not “no”.  There is quite often horror at the very idea, not only at going barefoot outside but even at the thought of padding around barefoot inside at home.

They are missing a trick.

What Is This Trick?

It’s a FREE healing tool that we ALL have access to, it’s easy and it’s something that we can all do for ourselves, which I am very much in favour of.

What is it? It’s walking barefoot on the ground. That simple.

We are electrical beings and we often produce excess positive charge which can hang around the body. The ground naturally oozes electrons, which are negative. When we walk barefoot on grass, mud, concrete or sand, this simple action of feet meeting ground neutralises that excess positive charge in the body. And, of course, it’s even better if the ground is slightly damp. You are giving your body the opportunity to get into better balance electrically as the electrons are transferred into the body. Going barefoot therefore results in a shift of the electrical state of the body, which in turn helps to restore our natural self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms. This is obviously beneficial.

You know how when you go on holiday you feel better, less stressed, with an improved general sense of well-being? We all presume that this is simply due to being away from the daily routine. This is clearly a factor, but possibly more important is that you are walking along the beach, splashing along the shoreline or swimming in the sea, without the usual protection of the non-conductive materials our footwear is so often made of. There are many thousands of people who have tried earthing and their feedback has shown they felt significantly better in many respects, for example less pain and stress, improved sleep and quicker recovery from trauma.

I recommend watching this good little clip with Stephen Sinatra, a cardiologist, talking about grounding. If you’d like more information, have a look at the Earthing Institute where there are many research papers.

And as I mentioned at the start, these principles are so often incorporated energetically into your session, so if you are particularly squeamish about going barefoot, that’s always another option…

A short film – Down To Earth which has been produced, I urge you to watch. It could be life-changing for you…


About The Author

Amanda Weller has been in the energy healing world since 2005.  Trained in both BodyTalk and Quantum-Touch, her client sessions now tend to be an intuitive combination of the two and she mainly works remotely with clients worldwide. She is keen for anyone who’d like to benefit from sessions to be able to, so she offers free weekly online energy healing sessions at 8 pm UK Time on Tuesdays – it is her intention with these that viewers will experience at least one benefit.  These sessions are also available on catch up, where the same intention of experiencing at least one benefit, also applies.

Amanda hosts a chat show, The Art of Pawsing, where she focuses on chatting with inspirational people about the easy little things we can do for ourselves that can make such a big difference to how we experience daily life – i.e. working with Potential’s potential!

She also runs happiness focused workshops.

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