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Our unique vocal instrument, is such an incredible and complex organisation. collaboration and cooperation between many different components, that we need to learn it from birth because it is so very difficult if not impossible to do later.

How Do I Know?

I am still figuring it out now in adulthood, and needing to do consciously, that which has usually become automatic!

Not permitted to speak even for the purpose of learning how, so began my life’s journey of knowing its importance to our very existence, and of the meaning and purpose behind our speech.  Years of speech impediments, speech therapy of varying kinds, breath work to regularise my breathing – after I had made it irregular and seldom to survive the suffocation attempts – and releasing the accumulated grief that blocked my throat, all saw to it that I do not take speech for granted.

I learned when it is necessary to speak and when it is best to be silent.  As it is the silence that shapes our words, acting as a further catalyst for their creative potential.  We can create our reality with our spoken word. With our very word, and with our every word.  Or not. 😉

I learned what it feels like to not be able to say anything – to effectively not have a voice.   I learned what happens when we can never contribute in a conversation, or to use a fake voice to ‘get by’.  I learned the clear difference of what happens to our creative potential, the creativity activation and its effect on life quality, when  was finally expressing into the world, the real me.  Truth spoken with good intent, assures us our creativity, and together are the prime activators of the creative power of our spoken word.

So What Is Our Voice?

Ordered to “Keep out of sight, out of mind” by my mother who despised me, I was not allowed to use my voice, because if I made sound, it meant existed.

It is us.  It is our life-sustaining breath, our tone, and soul’s essence, all amplified and given shape by our face/head/throat and body cavities, like a seashell we may pick up on a beach and blow into.  And upon this, our chosen thoughts travel like a magical current, to leave us only when we shape our throat, soft palate, mouth and lips to express them as words.

Tune Into Your Sound. 

Really hear it.  What is is telling you?  Are you tired?  Happy?  Delighted?  Or not so…?  Our tone denotes not only our exact emotional state in that moment, but our instrument also takes on the additional sound-scape from whatever other language(s) that may have passed through it regularly enough.  Our unhindered voice is our true self.

Are You Self Critical?

Relax!  Every sound is perfect  – leaving / releasing / expressing – from you, from any time in your life til now.  Your voice speaks more the truth of who and how you are, than the lesser mind thinks you are. 😉  Be proud of your uniqueness.  Some of us change to sound like the people around us, to avoid teasing or being different, but to do this is to be ignorant of the healing journey that is a human life, where achieving self love and acceptance so we can fully share of ourselves, is the state to reach for!

You Are Your Words.

We create our reality with our spoken word….or not.  If we are not consciously creating our reality with our every spoken word, we are forsaking this, our utmost unique, universal-given right, the creative magic that is the human being’s most intrinsic gift.  It is our birth right to be an incredible creator of our life. That is, if we speak the truth.

Truth or ‘adherence to what is’ is fundamental to the conscious creation of a human life path.  If we do not speak the truth, we literally abandon ourselves, cut off access to our spirit guides, as well as making a mess in the realities of anyone else we involve.  I have also observed in others how speaking excessively deactivated  -or held dormant – their creative potential.  So less is definitely more, 😉 as it makes our desires clearer, articulating exactly what we want to create in our lives.  A spell is only a carefully chosen set of words… 😉

You Are Your Sound. 

Are you making a voice? Or Being your voice? 😉

Are you expressing into the world your true and unique self?  🙂


About The Author

Amelia is recognised as one of America’s Premier Experts, a transformative educator, healer and International author.

Amelia continues her studies into the Human Being through her own life journey, which currently sees her relocated to Hungary after meeting family there she never knew she had, at her father’s funeral.  Her work includes writing education curriculum and a guide book to Being Human, correcting historical error and filling in the gaps of what we know of ourselves, wanting no one to need suffer as she did, in order to learn it for themselves. She found what she was experiencing since birth, was a microcosm of exactly what was taking place and causing problems world-wide.

An intuitive healer, born into abject cruelty, despised for not looking acceptable by her narcissistic mother and surviving the regular attempts on her life, Amelia intuitively adopted healing techniques to get her through her own childhood.”I was born to learn the power of using vocal sound for healing. I started intuitively as a small child.  And crying at the advanced stage ;), becomes altered resonance according to the situation.”

These days Amelia enjoys embracing her Hungarian self, singing with a traditional Magyar folk choir. 🙂

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