Amy D. Cohen – “Three of Nature’s Most- Powerful Medicinal Plants & the Science Behind Them”

We are raised to believe that when you feel sick, you go to your doctor. It is great advice, but I would like to add that we help ourselves greatly by being proactive in our mental and physical care. Preventative care is key, and there are many ways to stay healthy and heal ourselves in addition to–and in some cases instead of-medication.

Research is important when learning how to best take care of ourselves. Many herbs and medicinal plants are great for our bodies; others can be harmful. For example, before taking herbs you should investigate whether they will adversely interact with medications you are already taking. Simply because something is listed as “natural” does not guarantee that it will not produce side effects or that you are excused from doing due diligence and making sure it is right for you.

Increasing amounts of research is being devoted to studying the effects of plants on disease in the body. We are learning that plants do not only help us physically, but also can have an intense impact on our emotional and mental health as well. Here are three of the most powerful medicinal plants we can reach for when we are out of balance emotionally. None are known to produce adverse side effects. They are “flower remedies” and are known and used throughout Europe. Flower remedies are liquid concentrates made by cooking flowers in the sun to capture their energetic properties. They are known to provide a positive impact on our mind; thus, returning us to a balanced state.

Unlike herbs, plants are not known to adversely react with medications. Normally they are safe to use for ourselves and our children, and even our animals. You take it as you need it, and when you feel better, you stop. Simple, easy, powerful, and effective. When we are balanced emotionally our mind has exceptional control over thoughts and our bodies. Balance of mind, body and spiritually leads to happiness and right purpose.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces (Bauera Sessiliflora)

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces in found in Victoria, Australia. Medicinal use of the plant dates from Hippocrates, who used it to heal a wound from a dog bite (dog rose). In the 17th century it was used to help sooth diarrhea. It also has a high Vitamin C content.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces is often used by people when they feel panic or a genera loss of control. It brings calm, which is clearly needed today with the outbreak of COVID-19. This is an amazing remedy that can help people all over the world struggling with anxiety and fears brought on by this pandemic. There are no known side effect of Dog Rose and can be used if on medication.

Wild Oat (Bromus Ramosus)

Wild Oat is a tall grass with flat leaves that blooms in July and August. Oatmeal is used for skin conditions and it is now being studied for its effects on high cholesterol. Some studies have revealed that it may even help light depression and headaches.

After taking the liquid plant extract, people who are at a crossroads in life have reported a clarity in their ambitions. It releases the dreams and goals within you, and helps you find your purpose in life. Without purpose we lose our lust for life, our joy, and our passion, which can lead to sadness and anxiousness. Wild Oat is clearly an important plant, and there are no known side effects or negative interactions with medication.

Fringed Violet (Thysanotus Tuberosus)

Fringed Violet is found in Australia and belongs to the lily family. A slender plant with grass-like leaves, it blooms in the spring and summer. Fringed Violet is not known for any medicinal properties and does not appear to help with physical ailments. It is used for food being a root vegetable, but it does not have much flavor.

The immense value of this plant comes from its impact on our emotional health and wellness. Fringed Violet is used to remove the negative effects of shock or trauma. It helps with fear and provides great energy protection for those who struggle with anxiety or are very sensitive to the energy around them. This plant extract is also safe to use and without adverse side effects.

These are simply three examples of medicinal plants available. There are many others. So if you are looking for additional ways to reach your peak form in mind, body, and spirit—research the overwhelming number of medicinal plants and flowers nature has given us. You will be pleased that you did.


About The Author

Amy D. Cohen, is a an Alternative Health Practitioner specializing in Mental Health & Wellness, using powerful plants medicine/flower remedy extracts from around the world that target our mental state of mind and well-being. You can see her on TV, hear her on top radio stations and she speaks throughout the U.S. She is a Certified Practitioner, consultant, speaker, best-selling author, and teacher of a masterclass in Alternative Medicine.

Her website is Amy maintains a consulting practice in Illinois, and does telephone consultations worldwide.


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