Andrew Hackett – Some Super Tips To Become A Better Person, Today

One of the most common desires in life is to become a better person. However, it often sounds like a hugely challenging task and one that all too often gets put off “until tomorrow” because of this. Yet, it’s surprisingly easy to make changes in your life that can quickly make you a better person.

So, with this in mind – here are some awesome ways that you can come a better person, today.

At The Risk Of Sounding Like Yoda: Let Go Of Anger

Anger can serve a purpose in the heat of the moment but if you hold on to it when you should have let it go, it can become a corrosive force in your life.

It’s not always easy to let go as it sounds. You must begin by recognizing your anger. Notice when you become angry, ask why you are becoming angry and then take action to let it go.

This can involve determining your “anger triggers” and avoiding them or meditating to better recognize how your feelings, while perfectly valid, are temporary and can be acknowledged without acting on them.

Show Your Support For Other People

Did you know that altruism (that is the action of doing good for others without the expectation of something in return) has been shown to be good for both emotional wellbeing and overall peace of mind?

Well, it has.

So, get out and do something good for others. Volunteer your time for a charity whose efforts you support, ask a co-worker if there’s something you can help with, nip down to your kid’s school and see what you can do.

There are endless opportunities to give a little. Seize one such opportunity every day.

Play To Your Strengths

We are most productive when we are in a state of “flow”. That is when we are challenged by something (but not so challenged that we are overwhelmed) and interested by it.

One of the easiest ways to enter this state is to take up a hobby and practice it on a regular basis. It can be anything from flower arranging to ballroom dancing, from photography to video games, it doesn’t matter.

Play to your strengths, quite literally – play is the operative word here, and you’ll find that you’re soaring in good feelings.

Take Better Care Of Yourself

This is a drum worth beating over and over again until you take action. You cannot be a better person if your body is in a terrible state.

You need to make room to eat healthy food and to exercise on a regular basis. These are the keys to your health and happiness. Neither of these things needs to be expensive and nor do they need to take up ridiculous amounts of time, but you need to give them space and to commit for long enough to start reaping the rewards.

Change doesn’t come overnight but when it arrives… you will be a better person for it.

Become A Better Listener

If you want to be a better person there’s no better thing to do than become a better listener. Real listening, that is hearing what a person has to say in its entirety without rushing to judgement or trying to offer something of your own, is a serious skill.

It makes people feel valued and needed. It also improves your understanding of other people, so that you can better respond to their needs. It’s a win-win and learning to listen properly is very easy. Close your mouth, stop thinking of what to say and listen. That’s it.


Being a better person sounds like a big deal but it’s not really, it’s about making small changes in your life so that you can be a little better each time. When you make enough changes, they add up to a huge deal but there’s no single thing that you can’t handle. So, make your life better, today.


By Andrew Hackett

Andrew Hackett

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In this life, Andrew Hackett’s mission is to help the beautiful souls of the world, free themselves of their daily fears so that they not only find their own purpose for being on this beautiful planet, but also so they can find the courage to take action on their destined purpose.


Through creating a repeatable process, Andrew can now guide anyone from unconscious living, through their own awakening and into a world of limitless possibilities.


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