Anna-Mitsios – Top Tips To Keep Your Skin Nourished This Summer

We all love the warm weather, however, with a change of season comes an update to your routine. Your skincare routine that is. As temperatures begin to rise, one can really start to feel that UV light, and your once radiant complexion can be left feeling dull and confused.

Take the time this summer to nourish your complexion and be rewarded for your efforts. Vitamin D and the clarifying properties of saltwater can give you the perfect glow, but there’s a little more work to be done daily.

Here Are My Top 5 Tips On Keeping Your Skin Nourished This Summer:

  1. Tanning Is Outdated

I can appreciate the beauty of a bronzed complexion, and the wonders it can do for redness, but getting a natural tan will leave you far worse for wear. I’m all for the natural stuff except for when it comes to tanning, you’re better off getting one in the supermarket than on the beach. Consider tinted lotions your new best friend many include hydrating ingredients that leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Tanning in the sun speeds up visible signs of ageing, and as everyone knows, leads to developing skin cancers. Bottled bronze is the only way!

Hot tip: for the most even results,

exfoliate your skin the day before to get rid of any dry patches.

  1. Sunscreen Is Your Friend

It’s had a bad wrap over the years, however sunscreen formulas have come a very long way. White casts and sickly smells are a thing of the past, pharmacies and cosmetic stores are now packed with products that will make you forget you’re even wearing sunscreen. SPF helps to protect your skin from the sun’s radiation; UVA rays create signs of ageing like wrinkles, whilst UVB rays are responsible for nasty sunburns and skin cancers. SPF is your barrier to both of these negative outcomes. Every morning, under your makeup, this is a crucial step in any skincare routine. Don’t forget to reapply every 2-3 hours when soaking up the sun.

  1. Exfoliate Regularly

The scorching summer heat combined with dry air can make your skin feel just as depleted. It’s important to incorporate exfoliation into your routine two to three times a week (depending on skin sensitivity, and how much your complexion can handle). This buffs away dead skin cells and encourages cell turnover leaving your skin looking brighter and tighter. Another bonus, exfoliating can also keep breakouts at bay by preventing clogged paws, and therefore improving the effectiveness of other skincare products you use.

  1. Hydrate Your Body

Hydrating your body is the key to the perfect outer glow, not just during summer, but all year round. You should be trying to moisturise your skin every morning and night, with the best time being after a shower or bath. Moisturising is well known for its ability to combat dryness, however, it also works to reduce oiliness (forgot that shiny forehead on a night out). Let water do it’s work too. You should be aiming to drink between 2-3L of water per day to assist with skin elasticity and an overall refreshed look and feel to your skin.

  1. Natural Products Are A Must

There are so many factors at play during the summer, harsh environments/weather, change in diet, change in social outings/frequency, all of which contributes to an irritated complexion. Because of this, I highly recommend sticking to natural beauty products and avoiding harmful chemicals, which will only aggravate your skin even more. What’s more, they’re also better for the environment, so you can enjoy the many more Aussie/worldwide summers to come. Feel good and do good by switching up your skincare routine.

Go get your glow!

If you have some of your own tips to share leave us a comment below…


About The Author

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 18 marked a real turning point in Anna’s life. She began to search for natural solutions – nutrition and herbal remedies – to help manage the auto-immune condition. While working in corporate finance in Sydney and New York, Anna also took up studies in naturopathy; a step towards making her passion her career.

Working as a naturopath in a Sydney fertility clinic, I was fed up with the lack of skincare that was safe and clean, especially for pregnant women. So, in 2014 I created a range of products – using Australian botanicals and luxury ingredients – that is so pure you could eat it.

After hours of research, cosmetic chemist meetings, more study, and formulating samples, Edible Beauty was born in Anna’s garage! From 2014 she was stocking the shelves at Sephora Pitt Street, when the store first opened, and within two months Edible Beauty was being sold internationally.

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