A Woman’s Bible Shop

A very warm welcome to our brand new A Woman’s Bible shop. We will be bringing you an amazing selection of books produced by the exceptional professional women from around the globe sharing their business knowledge, insights and experiences with not only our community and other business women.

Also some fun items for you to browse if you’re having a retail moment as well as some of our editors inspirational artworks connecting you to nature.

                               Jacqueline Rose Art

Jacqueline Rose – Editor of A Woman’s Bible & Artist

Hi there, I’m Jacqueline a palette knife artist outside of editing A Woman’s Bible & The Energy Healing Magazine. I find my art takes me to another level of my journey. I hope you’ve found some you time outside of your business to be creative. It’s so important I feel to have that balance in life don’t you? I really appreciate your time to stop by to browse my artwork, I do hope it speaks to you.

As we say in the office here, “Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary”.

By collaborating together we can achieve so my more…

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