Belinda Hindmarsh Shares What Do Busy Women Do To Relax?

I love Running! What a weirdo?!

13 years ago, I never would have put Love and Running in the same sentence. However, it was free so I gave it a go and found that by running, I coped with life. It was my meditation. Some people do yoga. I ran. I could take the kids with me although on especially windy days, this made for a much greater challenge. Juggling work and parenthood, running made things easier. In 2014, I signed up for park run – a free 5km weekly timed event run in local communities around the world and it was from there that the habit became set in stone.

I signed up for running events that were a stretch for my abilities. In doing so, I had something to focus on outside of work and “mum life” that provided instant distraction. It was my outlet.

Did you know that maximum fat burning occurs when you are Jogging!

Run Therapy is great for the mind, body and soul. Yes, it can be a successful weight loss tool, pop on your head phones and listen to a podcast or music to keep you going. The fastest way to make the time fly is by having “fun”. Chat with friends during your run and share your wins and losses. Chatting is brilliant therapy. And those who attend my Couch to 5k program attest to this weekly.

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A problem shared is not always a problem halved.

As a female head talk expert, knowing what I know now, 5 out of 7 females talking about “problems” to seek resolution like traditional therapies suggest is actually detrimental to a female brain (born with a uterus). This is because the more we think and speak about an issue, the more attachment we form to the negative beliefs and emotions around the issue and the more difficult it is to let go.

Just venting and chatting is not providing any resolution or solution.

Ultimately, this means there is no forward momentum. Running for mental fitness, gives a quick fix with the finish line feels and having ticked a box. But you won’t find lasting mental gains from running.

Stress from being ON all the time, needing to be consistent, not knowing when to switch off and have down time compounds stress. Stress for females is actually toxic. With our monthly cycle, we have a few days where we can de-stress if we recognise the signs. I spent such a long time masking mine to appeal “normal” that I had no idea what mine signs looked like so I held onto the daily stressors, accumulated emotional baggage until one day, I decided enough was enough. It was time to become uncomfortable being comfortable and I rediscovered the FUN me after I hit 40!

If you are like me and are one of the 5 out of 7, unable to let go of stress you have at work or home, chances are you are still reading this because you have a block and it is time to up-level your Emotional and Intuitive Intelligence. When we resolve the negative attachment to emotional blocks, it frees up space to truly appreciate and BE in each and every moment, feeling gratitude and vibrating higher to manifest the fun you desire.

Is it time to put YOU back in F-YOU-N?

Love to hear your thoughts, have you used running to help you unwind?


About The Author

Belinda is The Head CheerLeadHER. A first born female that found FUN after 40! Zero embarrassment, expectations or judgement. Now she helps others redefine F.U.N. from Frustrated Unfulfilled Noisy Minds and Frustrated by Unnecessary Negotiating with kids to Free-spirited Unlimited and Naturally awesome!

Fun for the Win/Win/Win! Because girls just wanna have fun!

Win #1 – Her clients – have fun IN the moment without judgement!

Win #2 – The ripple effect – Anyone that comes into contact with her clients – A wife/mum/friend/colleague that is lighter, brighter, more authentic and fun to be with.

Win #3 – Belinda wins. Her passion is obvious! She oozes enthusiasm for setting women’s hearts free.

She has also established a Run club where she coaches women through the couch to 5km group training program where kindness is paramount!

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