Can you contribute to The Book of Amazing People?

inspire-1Do you have a life story that could inspire and help others? The Sussex Newspaper and Muse Words are producing the definitive tribute book to outstanding people.

The book features real-life stories that will inspire others and help them strive for success and overcome obstacles.

Would you like to contribute a chapter?

The Book of Amazing People will feature individuals from all over the world who inspire others either in business or in their personal lives.

Topics we are interested in include people who have succeeded in businesses against the odds; people that have fund raised significant amounts for charity, Individuals that have overcome loss or serious illness to create meaningful futures, people that have dedicated their lives to caring for others and animals, those that have made a significant contribution to their communities.

If you can write a chapter for The Book of Amazing People we would like to hear from you.

Co-author requirements:

Must have an inspiring story about an amazing person.

Deadline for chapters:

June 28th 2015

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