Can you write a book chapter about security?

blue-eye-technology-620x372-300x180We are looking for contributors for a book about security.  Security 4.0 (working title) is the update to our 2013 publication,  Security 3.0  – a business to business book aimed at enterprise security leaders, senior decision makers within institutional sectors and government bodies with an interest in the security industry.

Topics we are covering include security trends, developments in video surveillance,   counter surveillance, tackling identity theft, edge storage, the evolution of image sensors, the future of intelligent communication, hosted video…and the list continues. Hopefully you can help us add to it. Security 4.0 will be produced as an ebook and a paperback. It will be promoted by our PR agency and marketed worldwide through Amazon, iBooks, Google Books and the publishers website.

Co-author requirements:

Must have practical experience of the security industry.

Deadline for chapters:

August 14 2016

Apply to contribute a chapter