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Never in my childhood thinking about “when I grow up”, did I ever dream or wish to be the CEO of a construction company, AND a full time travel advisor AND alignment consultant.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way…well…maybe I will one day?! But the only way I would NOT go, is going back to being an employee.

What Was The Alternative?

Born to immigrant parents of Filipino heritage, going to Canada meant one thing: WORK HARD. Every penny made or saved was 100% EARNED. My parents did an amazing job setting themselves up and I thank them for their money saving and growing tips that I am passing onto my children.

My Mother did not work full-time until my two brothers and I were in school. She would sew clothing, or make her delicious authentic Filipino food for others to make some money here and there while my Dad worked at some points three jobs to provide. Sub-consciously I wonder if that ignited my entrepreneurial spirit.  To me, there was something way more rewarding in what my Mom did, than to work for someone while I left my young children in day care. I needed to live life on MY terms, for my family, not for my boss.

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I Needed To Break The Ceiling

In the past I’ve worked for large corporations, small corporations, fitness facilities, elementary school even and more in between…but I always felt limited. There was always somewhere that the growth ends.  You can only climb as high as they will allow you to, when THEY say so, regardless of how much passion I put into what I did. My eagerness for more meant I have to break through the ceiling of limitations set on me.  The only way I could do that is to do whatever it is that my heart desires, and be my own boss. I am now happy, I am valued, and the possibilities are endless.

Empowerment Is Everything 

When I began to write my business plan and really dive into entrepreneurship, I would look for quotes to inspire me every day and keep me focused on success. I found one that really resonated with my goal of enjoying a life of leadership and taking my income and vision of my future into my own hands.  I printed it off and placed it in a frame, which I still have to this day that says,

“If you don’t build your dream someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.” -unknown 

It was all I needed to keep me empowered to continue moving forward.  Have you ever found a quote that sticks in your mind to keep you focused?  Does this one resonate with you?

The Shift

The entrepreneurial approach has evolved, and I’m here for it!  Being your own boss or that to others was based on hustle culture. Go get! Be a dog on a bone! Crush sales! Keep putting yourself out there! No days off!  That works…but how long can you sustain that?  That masculine energy did help me start my business while working a full time job, and chauffeuring 4 competitive athletes around while my husband worked long full time hours, but it did burn me out and left me stressed and exhausted.

Now, there is an absolute need for rest, alignment, ease and flow…PATIENCE. Mental health is beginning to be valued more and more and that is a blessing for all. Are you aligned to where you need to be? One of the biggest regrets of the elderly is wishing they had the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expected of me.

If you didn’t run your own business, did you live a fulfilled life? Have you done all you can to make yourself happy? If not, maybe it’s your time, and because you’ve read this far, today is the day to make your dreams into your reality. You won’t regret it. 😉


About The Author

Carol Szuky’s life-long goal as an empath has always been to serve people (mostly women) in reaching their highest potential. Carol is determined to share her wisdom (and often times humour!) she has gained from her own personal and professional life experiences about honouring your true self, regardless of what challenges, trauma or grief that may have set you back in the past, to encourage others that growth and change is so good for the soul.

For over a decade, Carol has practiced stepping into her power through a combination of owning her own fitness business while raising four small children, a career in the primary school system, creating a construction business from scratch, and adding ‘travel and alignment consultant’ to her repertoire. “If I can support others in stepping forward into their unique power my purpose is fulfilled.”

Oh, and she can also put together an exotic luxury vacation itinerary you thought you can only dream of!  Skip the beach hopping … discover what the world wants to offer you with a unique vacation experience.

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