Catherine Way – 3 Ways to Create and Stick to Your Fitness Routine

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Like many first-time moms, I wanted to bounce back from having a baby. My post-partum body felt awkward, and of course, didn’t look the same as it once had. I had already made the transition to becoming a freelancer and now had an infant in my arms.

With my new-found ‘time’ I had convinced myself that it was now or never. I had never been an athlete, and with a medium frame, so for most of my life I have never been considered skinny as well. It was now or never. Could I really get athletic and lean? Do I have the willpower to make it happen?

I’ve learned a lot about fitness over the years but by creating a fitness routine, and sticking to it I have smashed my fitness goals and have transformed in the best shape of my life. Here are my 3 ways of creating and sticking to a fitness routine.

Find Exercises You Like

If you had to choose between watching your favorite show or going to jury duty which would you choose? If you enjoy activities you are more likely to do that activity, so why torture yourself with exercises or routines that you hate?

Some experts swear by morning workout outs, but if I hate getting up at 4 a.m. I know that I won’t stick to a morning workout program. I also hate running. So much that I honestly cannot remember the last time that I have run. I do however LOVE dancing and weight lifting. So, I make sure to use different types of these exercises as a part of my routine. Sometimes to reward me for hitting a new goal I’ll book an extra Zumba dance class as a special treat.

The best way to create and stick to a fitness routine is to create a routine you enjoy. If you love spin classes, boxing, or even running, use that inspiration to craft your fitness routine.

Create A Workable Calendar

Are you guilty of saying I’ll start on Monday? Me too. Monday while good intended is one of the worst days of the week to start a new routine.

One of the most important tips for creating and sticking to a fitness routine is making a calendar that works for you. That means knowing what your average week looks like, what your obligations on, what days are easy for you to spend time in the gym and which ones are not.

Do you also need to have an idea of how much time can you reasonably spend on fitness? Can you do an hour-long boxing class, or do you just have 20-minute pockets to work with? With this, you can better create workout routines, and properly space your rest days vs active days, and create a better routine that actually works for you.

Record And Set New Goals

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

A successful fitness routine is one that will keep you motivated and excited. One of the best motivations is goals. That is why I swear by setting new goals to help inspire my fitness.

I have used small goals to help motivate me to improve different areas of my fitness. Whether it getting abs or losing 5 pounds, any goal that helps you be more motivated will help you stick to any routine.

Currently, I am training for a high elevation hike. To prepare for this I am using the elliptical more in my training and increasing the intensity to help with my endurance. Knowing that I have a chance to test my training and improve my fitness helps me stay motivated with my routine!

Once you hit a goal, be sure to reward yourself! I personally celebrate a new goal with some activewear or a special treat!


Never in a thousand years would I have thought I would be a fitness fanatic. For most of my life, I have been clumsy and awkward so my fitness journey has surprised even me. By creating and sticking to a regular routine I have been able to achieve a lot of new fitness goals and slowly get in the best shape of my life.

What’s your favourite exercise and how do you keep yourself motivated?

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