Dr Catherine Wilkins Shares 5 Advantages Of Living In Your Integrity

Have You Ever Wished You Could Tap Into The Inner, Wiser Part Of Yourself? Or Wanted An Extra Edge With What You Were Working To Achieve?

In Either Case, You Need To Read This:

In an increasingly automated world the unique voice and creativity that comes from living in your integrity is growing in value. When you live in your integrity, genuine authenticity is a by-product.

Integrity is that state of knowing Who-You-Truly-Are. It’s having a clear and reliable sense of how to connect to your true self to guide yourself through all your choices. It’s trusting yourself to make choices that’ll work for you, even if you’re not always sure exactly where those choices will lead to.

To get you started, here are five advantages to living in your integrity:

1.Understanding Integrity Is Fundamental, Not An Add-On Extra

Functionally, integrity is a product of having all your aspects in a state of internal alignment. This means you live in congruently where every part of you supports every other part of you. For some, integrity is something to consider only when they have additional resources as if it’s something that’ll cost them. That’s completely upside down.

Being in your integrity is your optimal state. When it’s the foundation for your life you’ll always make choices that’ll work for you, instead of making choices that don’t and trying to get something good out of it later.

2. Integrity Is The State Of Being In Alignment To Who-You-Truly-Are.

Integrity means you’re living from your core values, which are a direct expression of Who-You-Truly-Are. The more you embody your values the more you realise about your true nature. Equally, the more you connect to Who-You-Truly-Are the more you’ll express and live by your core values. This always increases your sense of personal value.

3. Integrity Is A Powerful Decision-Making Tool.

In our fast-paced world it helps to have a tool to make swift decisions that you know will work for you. Your integrity is that tool. Integrity-based decisions increase your core-values and your connection to Who-You-Truly-Are. Such decisions will always lead to express your best self. Integrity will also empower conscious intuition.

4.Integrity Guarantees Your Uniqueness In The Market Of Business And Life.

When you’re in your integrity you’re at your most efficient. When every aspect of you is aligned to Who You Truly Are everything in your life will give you energy; your home-life will give you energy for your work-life, which will give you energy for your home-life. Every action you take will strengthen your connection to Who-You-Truly-Are, and it will express Who-You-Truly-Are. And you are unique in all the Universe.

Living from your integrity means you’ll be expressing your unique genius every day. This is a guaranteed edge that’ll give you advantages, because it’s an edge that’ll always work for you.

5. Integrity Is Your Passport To Authentic Relationships

Truly intimate relationships can be hard to find. We all want to be truly seen and known and that’s a whole lot easier to create when we know ourselves, and are able to acknowledge it to ourselves and express it to others. Authentic and intimate relationships are a natural result of living in your integrity, because it means that the person others are relating to is Who-You-Truly-Are. When people love and support you, they’re loving and supporting your true self. And there’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing you are truly loved.

In life you’re either Who-You-Truly-Are or you’re being who you think others want you to be. The authenticity of your integrity will always shine through, supporting you to make empowering choices as well as to realise more profound levels of satisfaction. By living in your integrity you get to be Who-You-Truly-Are, which will lead you naturally in the direction of the realisation of your purpose and your greatest joys. Integrity is a skill that gives on so many levels.


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Integrity is the key to self-awareness. Integrity means you live in alignment with Who-You-Truly-Are, which leads to greater integrity. Read my book, The Soul’s Brain: the Neurology and Logic of Your Intuition (published by Hay House) for more insights into the fundamental advantages of living in your integrity.

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