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Confidence: it’s the unsung hero that plays a pivotal role in our lives, shaping our decisions, fuelling our ambitions, and enabling us to seize opportunities and overcome challenges. As a seasoned neurocoach, I’ve experienced the transformative power of confidence firsthand and have seen the profound impact it can have on others.

Rewind to two years ago, and you’ll find me in a high-ranking government role, yet at a crossroads in my career. My job had drifted from my core values, and I knew I needed a change. Walking away from job security and financial stability was daunting, yet it was a leap of faith that required an unwavering belief in my potential and the value I could contribute to others. This decision, driven by confidence, was the game-changer in my life, and now, my mission is to help others unlock their confidence to transform their lives too.

Sarah, From Flustered To Flourishing

Sarah, a highly-qualified professional in her mid-thirties, found her potential limited by a lack of confidence. This was reflected in her career progression and personal life, where opportunities were missed due to self-doubt.
Sarah and I collaborated to unearth the root of her issues and establish strategies to build her self-assurance. This introspective journey enabled Sarah to make significant strides in her self-development. Equipped with mindfulness exercises and a more resilient mindset, she started treating herself with the same compassion she’d give a close friend. She started acknowledging and celebrating her achievements and learning to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Her newfound confidence shone through in her next job interview, where she secured her dream role, a testament to the power of confidence.

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Now, let’s delve into the tools you can use to fortify your confidence – 

 brain hacks and mindset strategies.

Brain Hack 1: Visualization To Foster Confidence

Find a quiet space, sit comfortably, and close your eyes. Imagine a confident, successful version of yourself – what do they look like? What does it feel like to be them? Visualize performing tasks that once intimidated you, fuelled by an unshakeable belief in your abilities. Repeat this exercise to progressively imprint these positive self-perceptions onto your brain.

Brain Hack 2: Understanding Who You Are Without The Lack Of Confidence

This exercise invites introspection. Start by asking yourself, “Who am I when I lack confidence in this situation?” Allow your mind to roam free, acknowledging all thoughts and emotions that surface. Maybe you see yourself as hesitant, unsure, or overwhelmed. Recognize and validate these feelings.

Now ask yourself, “Who would I be without this lack of confidence?” Perhaps you see a version of yourself that’s bold, determined, or at peace. This exercise allows you to grasp the impact of lacking confidence on your life and persona. It lets you envision how your life might change if you shed this lack of confidence.

Brain Hack 3: Positive Affirmations

Approximately 70-80% of our thoughts can be negative. Begin your day by countering this negativity with the practice of positive affirmations. After a shower or brushing your teeth, stand in front of the mirror. Be present in the moment, fully taking in your reflection. Then, articulate three positive affirmations to yourself. These affirmations could be things like, “I am capable,” “I am worthy of success,” or “I handle challenges with grace.”

Fully engage with yourself in the mirror. As you say each affirmation, make sure to maintain eye contact with your reflection. This may feel uncomfortable or confronting at first. The purpose of this exercise is to reinforce positive self-beliefs, helping you to replace any lingering negative thoughts with positive ones.

Brain Hack 4: Reflect On Your Past

Reflecting on your past experiences is a potent tool for building confidence. Focus on times when you faced daunting situations with uncertainty, yet you took action. You may not have felt confident at the outset, but the process gave you a significant boost in self-assurance or valuable lessons.

Identify and highlight moments when you pushed past your comfort zone, faced challenges head-on, and grew as a result. Pay attention to the feelings of accomplishment, growth, and positivity these memories invoke. This ‘confidence catalogue’ will serve as a powerful reminder of your capabilities and resilience when faced with future challenges.

Final Thoughts

Confidence isn’t innate, it’s built. Through brain hacks and mindset shifts, you can inch closer to self-assuredness and success.

Which of these brain hacks resonates with you the most?

What other strategies have you tried to boost your confidence?



About The Author
Dr Simone Boer – Coach and Success Alchemist or ‘Hack Queen’. As a seasoned neuro-coach with a profound understanding of the human mind, I empower individuals to unlock their potential and reshape their lives. My expertise lies in developing brain hacks and mindset strategies that boost confidence and enable success.

I am dedicated to my mission of helping others build resilience, embrace their strengths, and overcome personal and professional obstacles. Every day, I witness the transformative power of confidence and am committed to helping others experience this life-changing shift. Jump aboard to a call with me to see how my program 100 Hacks to Confidence and Success can help you today!

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