EFT – Emotional Healing

I have always been a seeker of alternate paths. What’s out there, how do we work, why are we here? It turns out my grandmother had a similar thought pattern too – it’s in my genes.[sociallocker]

From a young age I looked at astrology and palmistry and I felt an energy from them, but dismissed it, as I thought it was just my wild imagination.

In 2000, I went through a relationship break up with my high school sweet heart. After more than 13 years, it was my decision to leave that relationship. It was heart breaking for both of us, but I knew in my heart that it was the right decision.

Shortly after we broke up, I saw a flyer that read “Meditation, Empower Yourself”. I thought,  yes, this is what I need.” So I went along and met a wonderful lady called Dee. Dee was just starting out with her meditation class, so for a few weeks it was just the two of us. I easily embraced her guided meditations and loved the feeling of being in a different world and the relaxation that it brought me.

She was into crystals, and receiving messages from cards, the wisdom in nature, drumming and using the vibration of the drum to shift energy around the body. Dee was opening my spirit, and my thirst for knowledge in to the spiritual realms.

Not long after this time, I started dating Peter, it was exhilarating, we were on the same wave length, and had lots in common.

I soon realised that Peter, a man I had known for a few years would become my husband. I recognised how wonderful he was, and still is!

A few months after starting meditation with Dee, I went for a trip to Sydney to see my family.  I was staying with my Grandmother, who we affectionately called Dood. We were chatting one evening and she said, “I want to show you something”. She showed me a numerology chart she had done the day I was born. She went through my life up to that point, told me about who I was, character traits and events which had happened. She then went on to tell how she had held healing circles in Sydney for some decades. She could feel energy and would direct it to where people needed it in their bodies.

She also did distant healing and realised this gift for herself so she explored and developed it over time. She let me feel the energy. She placed her hands over my stomach area, and I could feel the warmth of healing energy come through her hands.  I was amazed.


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