Eloise Skye – Staying Grounded During Times Of Uncertainty

Fauzan Saari

With everything that is going on in the world at this time, many of us are feeling a bit energetically funky. This can manifest as nervous energy, difficulty focusing or concentrating, headaches, and feelings of overwhelm or anxiety. And it’s no wonder.

Regardless of your situation, everyone is doing it tough at the moment; whether you’ve lost your job, finding working from home stressful, having to home-school your kids, have added pressure on your relationships, are spending more time with your family, not to mention all of the uncertainty!!

None of this is easy for anyone, and because we are all experiencing it at the same time it contributes to the collective energy which also contributes to how you feel, just to add on top of everything else!

Over the coming weeks I’m going to be sharing some tips on how we can manage our energy and stay grounded during challenging times.


Through my own work, I have realised how important it is for us to commit to our own practices that keep us grounded. Being grounded can have slightly different interpretations, but for me it means being connected to ourselves and to Source so that we can be present and focused, and stay in our power rather than getting caught up in or derailed when we hit bumps in the road.

There are many different ways we can do this, and I am going to share the techniques which I find useful below:


Simple daily rituals can nurture your mind and spirit such as a walk in nature, meditation, yoga, or even finding a quiet corner to mindfully drink a cup of tea. It can be anything that resonates with you where you are with yourself and away from distractions. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but consistency is key.

The Power Of Trees

You may not often give them a second thought, but trees are really quite magical. They are huge ancient organisms that have come from a tiny seed and have weathered the storms and ages with their strong deep roots as foundations. Trees are intelligent and even share their nutrients with each other- if one tree is deficient, another tree will send what it is lacking through its roots and network of Mycelium, a type of Fungi. If you are feeling depleted, go for a walk in a forest, spend some time surrounded by big trees. If a particular tree stands out to you, you may want to sit under it and spend some time connecting to it and ask it to give you the help you need.


Earthing refers to having physical contact with the surface of the Earth to absorb it’s natural electrical charge, this practice has decreased as a result of our modern lifestyle, from wearing shoes with rubber soles, and not sitting directly on the ground. This concept has been around for decades and gained recent scientific interest, with some findings that earthing reduces stress and improves energy levels, sleep, and overall sense of well-being. Simply waking barefoot or standing on a patch of grass can re-balance our energy, and being outside in fresh air never hurts!


It’s not always possible to take 10 minutes to run around barefoot or converse with trees when we are feeling overwhelmed, so this simple visualisation can be used in most situations and I am always astonished by how effective and calming it is. Please note that you need to be stationary while doing this, with both feet firmly planted.

Connect to your Root Chakra, at the very base of your pelvis. You can visualise this as a glowing red ball or disc.

From this ball or disc, imagine roots starting to emerge and grow down your legs, through your feet and penetrating the floor, the foundations of the building, and all of the layers of earth until they reach the core of the earth.

Visualise these roots wrapping around the Earth’s core, anchoring you.

Spend a few moments feeling this connection, and absorbing this grounded energy from the Earth’s core, into your roots all the way to your Root Chakra.

When you feel ready, start to untangle your roots from the core of the Earth and imagine them returning back through the layers of earth, the foundations of the building, the floor, your feet, and your legs, and finally recoiling back into your Root Chakra.

Take a few deep breaths to settle and reconnect back into the present moment.

As always, it is up to you to find what works for you based on your preferences and lifestyle, and I acknowledge that finding these pockets of time can be extremely challenging in our fast paced lives. However, the benefit of committing to a grounding practice is immense and can help you to not only feel calm, and connected, but also start building your relationship with yourself, one where we can find strength and answers through even the most difficult periods.

I would love to know what practices you’ve been finding beneficial during this time, and if any of the above techniques have been useful for you in the comments below!

About The Author


Eloise Skye is a Brisbane based Reiki and sound Healer. She has always been interested in the metaphysical, but took a detour on the corporate path before returning to her soul purpose in 2018. In 2016 she undertook her first comprehensive Sound Healing training which began her intuitive journey. Keen to understand more about energy, she did her Reiki attunements, and has studied Shamanism, and intuitive development, which have all contributed to her understanding and capabilities for managing her own energy as well as assisting others with energy containment and transmutation.