Emmanuel Anthony Shares The 4 Pillars That Lead To Increased Immune System Strength

Part 1 (Psychology)

Is it possible that you can actively do things with your mind and body that assist you to increase your immune system? If so, can the increase occur to a degree where the end result is less sickness and greater levels of wellbeing from year to year?

The answer to these questions is YES, you most certainly do have the power to impact the degree of strength your immune system has against external diseases. For the past 10-years I have personally assisted thousands of clients to work on their physiology (emotions and physical body), psychology (mind, thoughts) and life direction in order to create a holistic approach to self-governance. Although it wasn’t my original intention, after working with my first few hundred clients, I made a profound discovery. I discovered that those that followed the four pillars to wellness and wellbeing I had learnt from my mentor Dr. John F Demartini produced the same results within their lives.

In my four-part mini-series, I will discuss how you too can produce those same results, how you can increase your:

Energy      Vitality   Wellness    Wellbeing    Decrease sickness   Decrease brain noise 

 Increase inspiration levels   Maximise longevity   Maximise your human potential   + more

In doing so, you will also experience a drastic shift in your immune strength and the level of wellness you experience. This is a natural bi-product of working with your body, and not against it.

Pillar 1: Psychology Explained

The more I study the human brain, the more I am in absolute awe of its complexity, alongside it’s power to create or remove disease within the body. Think about any days that you have felt off from centre, either extremely infatuated or resentful. Both extremes would have occupied time and space within your mind and body, the greater the degree of polarization within your mind, the greater the degree of brain noise you would have experienced. The body is designed to maximise its potential in a state of equilibrium, the centre of infatuation and resentment, pain and pleasure, peace and war. It is equally designed to express brain noise, disease and brain fog when we stray from that inner mental state of balance.

Whenever we embrace both pairs of opposites psychologically, we increase our degree of resilience and see things as on the way, not in the way. We become victors of our circumstance and see life as a loving dance, instead of victims of our history in a perpetual emotional revolving cycle. Whenever we bring polarisation and a one-sided bipolar perspective towards life, we feel what we think. Those extreme’s polarisations accumulate in the form of emotional baggage and continue to haunt us until we bring balance to those thoughts and emotions.

The Importance of Psychological Mastery

This is why I have dedicated my life towards serving humanity in discovering how they can bring the highest levels of mastery towards their thoughts in order to increase the degree of self-governance they experience. Since changing the way we think, changes the levels of chemicals and hormones distributed throughout the human body (commonly known as emotions).  When we bring balance to the mind and resilience for future challenges by learning powerful techniques such as The Demartini Method™, we bring our mind-body connection back into homeostasis and decrease the degree of stress and exhaustion we place our body under.

This is the reason why you may feel extremely drained after a highly emotional day, although you may have been sitting at your desk or not doing much physically, your heart and internal organs were working considerably hard in overdrive to create the emotions you were experiencing. The more emotional you are, the harder your insides are working. The more emotionally controlled you are, the more efficient your body is working. When the human body is working in sync and minimising its workload, it uses its energy to strengthen the immune system and maximise human potential.

This flow-on effect of managing our perceptions during the day has an equal benefit at night as we will find ourselves able to head to sleep much more easily and being able to maximise all four stages of sleep that recharge the body for optimal success the next day.

How To Empower Yourself Psychologically

You may be asking yourself… “How can I learn to bring a high level of order to my thinking, in order to decrease the level of stress on my mind (central nervous system) and body (autonomic nervous system and relating organs)?”.  In my 11-years of comparative psychological study, there is no method more powerful for human behavioural change and management than The Demartini Method™.  It has assisted thousands of my clients to learn simple techniques that they utalise daily in order to control their own thoughts.

Regardless of what is happening in the outer world, it strengthens their ability to stay poised and focused in their inner world. The Demartini Method is a set of questions that bring order and organisation to your thoughts, balance to your mind and body and address the emotional feedback your body is communicating through its root cause.

A blog is simply too small a time slot to head into advance mastery utalising the method, but I will make myself available to anyone who is interested in discovering more about advancing your psychological abilities and empowering this area of your life.

I look forward to discussing this some more with you simply leave me a comment below…


About The Author


Emmanuel Anthony is a human behavioural specialist, researcher, author, consultant, teacher, Demartini Method™ Facilitator, and inspirational speaker. He has spent the last decade working with thousands of clients globally, dedicated towards assisting human beings 1-on-1 and 1-on-many to get crystal clear on their mission on planet earth, overcome common mental disorders, accelerate human evolution, growth, and mastery within all seven areas of life, whilst drastically expanding their awareness.

His teachings and body of work can be found through his company Quantum Equilibrium, YouTube, social media platforms, and media sources such as television, radio, podcasts, and literature. His legacy is driven by a highly driven focus to share the most powerful tools, resources, and technology that would allow any human being regardless of age, sex, colour or creed to achieve self-governance, self-mastery, wellness, wellbeing, longevity and a holistic soul-driven experience on planet earth.

Book in a Complimentary Discovery Call with leading human behavioural specialist Emmanuel Anthony today and discuss how you can start mastering the first pillar.

I look forward to discussing our second pillar for increasing your immune system, mastering internal and external physiology.


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