Enrica Mallard – Our Heads Are Out Of The Sand – What Next?

The speed with which change is now upon us is astounding yet not surprising. Our mutual and global experience of the Corona Virus has established our connection at all levels.

Change at both the micro and macro level that we knew was waiting to be dealt with is now bubbling to the surface. We can no longer ignore injustice, imbalance, judgement, exclusion, and diminishment.


Our Heads Are No Longer In The Sand.

There Is No Going Back.

Very quickly, the experience of “we are all in this together” has broadened in scope to include the addressing of all injustice, abuse and behaviour which does not maintain an equilibrium, a balance of “no-charge”.

An unwavering characteristic of this Oneness is no separation. As a world we are now living this.

What I know is that the expansion of consciousness on the planet is facilitating the unseen to be seen. While this shows up as chaos, more is going on. Be reassured yet vigilant as there is much to be and do to return balance to the planet.

Are You In?

Now is the time to take responsibility which I define as “an ability to respond”.

Acknowledge yourself for even staying present to this question. What we are doing is being in allowance of the ‘dirty laundry’ of the world, not separate to each and everyone of us. There is “no away” in Oneness. We are One and we are all accountable for how the world shows up in this moment.

Let us not dwell on regret and judgement of the past. That only illicits more judgement and separation. Let us turn that into potency and motivation for change. Let it inform and inspire our choices to create our future as one tribe.

Functioning From Our Heart

The only way to step into this shift is to change where we function from. Functioning from the ego/mind will only perpetuate the same. Change that can bring justice and sustainability – balance, can only be achieved when we function from the heart.

  • Functioning from the ego/mind is personal to the individual and does not have the greater good as a primary objective. The ego/mind’s primary objective is the safety and stability of the individual. It will compartmentalise global issues as not relevant in order to maintain a secure personal position. Judgement, exclusion and diminishment, as referenced from past correlations of ego/mind content, are the tools used to ensure a solid foundation for the individual from which to function in the world.
  • Functioning from the heart knows no separation. Its higher vibration rises above any issue, and, without exception, transmutes it. Inclusivity is innate and judgement does not arise. It also by-passes ego/mind fear and illicits a response which facilitates all. Examples of this are evidenced when a tragic and traumatic event occurs and our hearts open to assist those effected. We do not notice any identifications of race, creed, culture, etc. We jump in literally without thinking. This is bypassing the ego/mind structure.

Next Steps:

So much is possible as we learn to increasingly function from our heart. Below are steps which not only nurture us during this period, they facilitate the nurturing of all:

  • Be willing to observe and bear witness to the full content of what seems like chaos at the macro level while at the micro level is trauma, injustice, judgement, exclusion and diminishment. The beginning of change is to acknowledge what is occurring, both the actions perpetrated as well as those effected by the actions.
  • Make a choice to respond with action (take responsibility). Making a choice to act is a precursor to choosing the particular action to take. Similar to a runner positioning themselves at the starter’s block. They are choosing to run, the choice to run comes at a different time.
  • Practice and hone your capacity to notice if you are functioning in the right/wrong reality of the ego/mind or if you are in your heart. Do not judge yourself, merely observe the content of your thinking and feeling. Spend a period of time with this step. Do not rush into action. Ask yourself:

What Am I Here To Contribute?

How Can I Facilitate Change In The World, No Matter How Small?

What Does My Heart Want To Be Or Do In The World?

Taking a step back from judgement and undertaking this process will, in itself, contribute positively to our planet as there is not an immediate reactive ego/mind response to actions perpetrated.

  • Take the action you are choosing to take, knowing that if it arises from the heart it will, without exception, make a high vibrating change. Nothing goes unnoticed in Oneness. Action can be in any time frame or duration, that is, a one-off event or an on-going commitment. Do not force any response with what you “think you should do”. Such choices are not sustainable and are generally from the ego/mind. I know that the awareness arising from heart perceives the bigger picture with far greater capacity than an ego/mind focused on someone’s personal position. There may be movements and endeavours you are drawn too. If so, reflect on whether they resonate with what arises from your heart to be and do.
  • Practice to live your life functioning from your heart. This is where joy arises. Radiate this vibration into the world and this alone will change our world, and you will be happy doing it.

We are not waiting for a new leader. We are waiting for each and every one of us to step forward, to be positioned at the “starter’s block”.

What Change Are You Choosing To Facilitate?

…Thank you.


 About The Author

Enrica Mallard is recognised as a Soul Intuitor and modern mystic. She navigates the reality of this world while experiencing the broader scope of existence.

Her heightened intuitive capacities were honed from plunging deep into introspection for most of her life. With university degrees in accounting and computing, her early adult life focused on mainstream business. It took a family trauma for her to begin to align her outer world with her internal world.

During this period, Enrica mastered a range of energy healing arts, including Reiki, Breathwork, the BodyTalk System, Matrix Energetics, and Access Consciousness.

The awareness embedded over this time was translated into her counselling and healing practice, where for over 20 years, she has facilitated people worldwide to activate and embody their Authentic Self.

Enrica distilled the personal and collective lessons gathered over this journey into her book Enlightenment in Suburbia. The book invites readers to bring more of themselves to light, promoting the freedom to be Who They really Are.

Enrica possesses an unwavering commitment for the expansion of Consciousness on the planet and within existence. Her knowing of our Divine and Infinite Nature is her message to all.

She can be contacted at www.enricamallard.com or enrica@enricamallard.com