Exciting Book Project Successful Women In Business

Successful Women In Business

How To Balance Your Business, Values, Growth, Mindset, Health, Wealth, & Wellbeing

Do you have a dream of becoming a published author on your list of goals for 2024? Maybe we can help.

If you are a successful business women looking to share some of your journey and expertise with other women entrepreneurs starting out on their own business, we’d love to hear from you. Below are a few suggested topic’s we’d like to cover:

Questions Such As:

What traits would serve you best as a business woman?

What 3 challenges do women in business have to overcome?

How do you start to build those key relationships with clients, staff and more importantly finding customers?

What 2 obstacles do women face when starting out on their own business?

Is social media the best way to network your business in todays world?

What 5 tips would you give when wanting to grow your business to the next level?

How to finance your business and take it to the next level while still being able to manage a family, a home and everything else that goes into a busy lifestyle.

Have you explored crypto currencies or trading?

Do you work remotely what are the pro’s and con’s you’ve found of working like this?

How to prioritise your fitness, health, rest and play to avoid burnout?

Or a chapter interview: via Q&A on Philanthrope taking your business to another level.

And so much more…

Interested then simply complete the form below so I can send you some further information i.e. word count etc. We will of course add your image, bio and website/social media details to the end of your chapter.

By collaborating together we can achieve so much more…