Having It All At Fifty Plus Innovation Edition


As we go through the different phases of life our new perspective can bring about not only thought-provoking changes mentally but also physical ones too. To many of us this is frequently known of as a mid-life crisis. Often this crisis manifests itself as the fear of the unknown. An irrational yet almost tangible fear that holds us back from reaching those dizzy heights of our full potential.

Having It All At Fifty Plus Innovation Edition will be written by contributors from all over the world, and from many different backgrounds.  This book will bring you an insight into their individual journey’s and some of the challenges they have had to overcome.
For some a change in mind-set is all that’s needed as reaching fifty should be a time to celebrate. It’s a time to remember that there are so many that have not made it this far.  Some of us use this time as ‘me time.’ Now the family has grown it may be the perfect time to start the business we have always dreamt about. For others it’s travelling and enriching our lives by experiencing other cultures. On the more physical side, how do you cope with the changes that the menopause forces upon us? How do we cope with the changes in our strength and physical agility?  Or for many it maybe what are we supposed to wear?

Having It All At Fifty Plus – Innovation Edition answers many of these questions while, at the same time,   providing valuable gems of inspiration that proves that the fifties is truly the ‘I can’ generation.  If you are looking for creative ideas on how to welcome being fifty plus then Having It All At Fifty Plus is essential reading.
By taking action and always being ready to learn more about ourselves the transition to this next phase in our life can be the best one yet.

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