Terry Bahat -“Fit Mind, Fab Body“

We all dream of living a healthy life; a happy, long, rich, fulfilling, vibrant one, full of energy and excitement.  Slip into our favourite jeans, again, look great, sexy.

We would all like to be fitter, lighter, stronger, energetic & confident.

As a business-owner, you would probably want to stop struggling with the fridge temptation as you build the business of your dreams and keep avoiding ‘selfies’  because you have put on a few extra kilos.

However, the challenge is What are we Prepared to do about it instead of promising ourselves, yet, again… yes, I will do it ONE DAY..

There is no shortage of information on the area of health & wellness. It is virtually all around us on many, various printed or on-line media. We all know what to do. We just have to do what we know.

In my many years as a Women’s Body/Mind Fitness Expert, helping women to get fit and stay fit, I have rarely met a woman who is completely happy with her body. Many seem to alternate between in-fitness and out-of-fitness, between fit and fat, which is less than ideal for our physiology or for our psychology.

I firmly believe, and it is scientifically proven, that there is a close link between the mind (our thinking, attitude, limiting beliefs, fears, desires, expectation and aspirations) and the body.  Thus the sooner we change our thinking and attitude, the sooner our physical, personal transformation will begin.

And The Place To Start Is:  Our Mind-Set

What you believe about yourself can impact your success or failure. It determines your Destiny.

Conscious and Unconscious Beliefs play a crucial role in what we want and whether we achieve it.

The Unconscious Mind is the part that breath, blinks, beats out heart = Mind-Body. It’s where our personality lies and behaviour changes. And if you truly learned something, it sinks down to the unconscious and it becomes part of who you are. A habit and a way of life.

  1. The Mind is crucial for our existence.  How can we keep it healthy, well-functioning for now and for many years to come?
  2. Inner Dialog – the conversation you, constantly, have with yourself. As it Translates to your Outer Dialog, be sure to create a honest, powerful  Self- Loving language.
  3. Live with an Attitude of Gratitude.  Remember, Everything you take for granted others pray for.
  4. Eat to nourish your body. Move to activate it – Daily.
  5. Self-Love. Among many available options practice Less Stress by Meditation, visualisation, journaling, time in nature, sufficient sleep-time, social interaction.
  6. And most of all… have FUN.
  7. You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup. You Must Take care of Yourself First…

…  Because,

If you don’t have your health – Nothing else Really matters.


About The Author


Terry Bahat is a Body/Mind Fitness Coach and #1 Amazon International Bestselling Author Terry Bahat is recognized by her clients as a sought-after explorer and developer of women’s emotional and physical inner strength. She is fiercely committed to inspiring professional, stressed, busy, overweight women to put themselves first so they finally make their health & fitness top priority.