Going through difficult times with awareness

At the end of 2018, my heart broke. It happened like most hard times, unexpectedly and with tremendous intensity. We are never quite ready for this level of pain. However, having the awareness to acknowledge the suffering and knowing that this too shall pass makes it much more manageable.

So after the first shock and the overwhelming emotional tsunami, I started putting together a structure around me. I knew I needed support while I dealt with each and every facet of reactivity this event was going to trigger in me.

The first step I took was to hire my favourite coach (Pascale Seiler at IntuityWorld.com). Together we are working consciously and subconsciously on each layer of emotional charge brought forward by the heartbreak. As we are progressing, I am moving in, deeper into my healing process and the understanding that such hurtful events are, really, just opportunities to shift old patterns as well as to reconnect with my true essence. Even if it is extremely difficult to perceive while in the heart of the suffering, they are substantially ‘blessings in disguise’. They often get us out of situations that are not aligned with our most empowering reality and with what the universe has in store for us.

Then I looked at building a support system, which was going to help me maintain integrity in all areas of my life while I was otherwise busy on this journey:

  • I am very fortunate to work at a wellness retreat where healthy food and daily exercise are readily available so I am making full use of those. I make sure to connect with my body and give it what it needs versus what I think it might need.
  • I also keep a daily meditation practice (seated meditation, walking meditation, mantra chanting… depending on how busy my mind is) to prevent it taking me to disempowering places and to keep me connected to my intuition.
  • The quality of my sleep did get impacted at first, so I make the time for my body and mind to rest. I switch all my screens off at least an hour before bed and I chose an inspiring book to read prior to closing my eyes for the night.
  • Lastly I put a special emphasis on choosing the people I surround myself with and the information I allow in my mind. I only keep in my space friends and family members that I know love me unconditionally and I filter what I read, watch and talk about. Keeping my mind as peaceful as possible is crucial at the moment.

I am, now, gently and slowly coming out on the other side of the pain. This experience has brought me a new layer of healing which I am grateful for and with it more peace, freedom, confidence, connectedness and happiness. It has taught me that going through heartbreak with awareness is a fascinating journey. It does not make it less painful. Pain is part of the journey.  It just makes it worth the pain.

If you, also, are going through difficult times, I encourage you not to avoid, repress or run away from the pain but to fully dive into and surrender to it. Making sure that, first, you build a supportive and caring structure around you. This is not a journey that you should take alone. Reach out and allow for others to sit on your team’s bench while you do your magic on the field.


Stephanie Rault
Wellness consultant at Absolute Sanctuary, Samui
Jan 2019




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