Herbal Rituals For The Full Moon

The full moon is a magical time each month when we are usually feeling spiritually inspired, ready to manifest our intentions. Full moon rituals are performed around the world in various cultures – there’s no right or wrong way to do a full moon ritual. By doing what feels right for you will be more meaningful and powerful than doing something that’s being dictated.

An element you may like to incorporate into your own full moon rituals is herbs. Plants have a spiritual energy that can help you in different ways. Many herbs have a long history of being used in witchcraft, physical & spiritual healing, and cultural rituals. Incorporating herbs into your own rituals can bring a deeper meaning.

Smudging, or smoke medicine, is a time-honoured tradition from the native North Americans. This sacred ritual of burning specific herbs has been used for cleansing negative energies, purification, and bringing into positive energies. White sage is the most popular and widely used herb for smudging, but there are many different herbs that can be used to suit your purposes.

  • White sage. White sage (although other varieties of sage can be used similarly) is perfect for cleansing. During the full moon, I love to use sage to cleanse my house. Open up the windows & doors, get the sage smudgestick burning and walk through the house, letting the sage smoke carry away any negativity.
  • Rosemary is often used as smoke medicine to purify & cleanse energies. Use rosemary at the beginning of your full moon ritual to cleanse any negativities.
  • Bay leaves. The full moon is a time of manifesting, and writing what you would like to manifest on a bay leaf and then burning it can help the process.
  • I love adding lavender to my smudgesticks to bring in love, whether this is self-love or creating a loving atmosphere for my family. Lavender can also be used to promote a good night’s sleep, so smudge a bit of lavender before bedtime – this may be helpful if the full moon affects your sleep.

Herbal teas, tinctures or essences can be another way you can add herbs into your full moon rituals. Ingesting the herbs (provided they aren’t poisonous) can invoke a powerful energy into your ritual. Some herbs that I include in my rituals are:

  • Lemon balm. Lemon balm can assist with emotional healing, which may be helpful if you tend to feel moody around the full moon.
  • Hops has a beautiful energy about being open to abundance, giving and receiving. I often feel attracted to hops at the full moon to help manifest more abundance in my life. You can take hops as a tea to assist with sleeping, or add hops to a dream pillow. Do not take hops if you are pregnant.
  • If you would like to enhance your intuition, try using yarrow in your full moon ritual. Let yarrow open your mind to enlightenment. It’s best to avoid using yarrow in pregnancy or lactation.

Take your full moon rituals to the next level with herbs. Don’t have a full moon ritual yet? I highly recommend it – you will fall in love with this monthly ritual of cleansing out the old and manifesting in the new.

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