How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

The UK’s Leading Spa Managers Share Their Tips On How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Wellbeing Haven During Lockdown

With Spring finally in the air now is a perfect time for a pamper. With many of us left feeling the effects of being in a National lockdown and stuck in cycle of working from home with little escape and switch off. Some of the UK’s leading Spa managers have come together to share their tips on how to create a dedicated sanctuary to unwind within your home.

With Spas being known for thermal experiences, hydrotherapy and body treatments, the bathroom is the perfect place to create a mini-Spa and a dedicated space for relaxation. Here are some tips from the UK’s best destination Spas on how to transform your bathroom into your wellbeing haven.

Carly Boothroyd, Operations Manager at Titanic Spa, Huddersfield says “We are big believers in the power of thermal experiences, so use your bathroom as an area where you can experiment with temperature. Utilising the steam from your shower or bath is a great way to extend the wellbeing experience as well as making use of the water. Taking time to breathe in the vapour is a great way to destress, but also the perfect opportunity for your skin to absorb any products you may use. For another layer of indulgence, you could use Rasul mud on the skin to allow the product to deeply penetrate the pores and draw out any impurities, ensuring you’re getting the best at home spa experience possible.

Rebecca Randall, Spa Manager at The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel, Newmarket suggests “Introduce aromatherapy into your bathroom to help heal your mind. As sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses, this can affect our actions and emotions. Depending on what you would like to achieve from your sanctuary e.g. stress reduction, relaxation, mood-boosting, there will be an essential oil to suit. Fill a diffuser with an essential oil mixture and place on your windowsill. The steam from the shower or bath will carry the drift of the aromas to create a natural scent throughout the bathroom and help you reap the benefits.”

Danni Hitchen, Director at Adventure Parc Snowdonia and The Wave Garden Spa, Snowdonia

Being close to water is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. We are fortunate enough to have a freshwater surf lagoon on site, but if you can’t access a natural body of water, you can still reap the benefits from home. Just the sound of running water can be beneficial to your wellbeing, so when running your next bath, make a conscious effort to lie there and listen to the water run. Bath salts which contain minerals will mimic the natural elements of sea water, so use these when you can for a similar wellbeing boost”

Penny Weston, Director at Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat and MADE Wellness Centre, Staffordshire suggests “When taking a relaxing bath, it is not just the products we use that matter, but the whole experience. To help soothe the mind further, listen to a relaxing playlist or podcast. This could be anything from meditation, calming music to the latest podcast from your favourite content creator. Having tailored your listening to suit you and your needs, this will ensure the right type of ambience and help you to switch off and enjoy your peaceful sanctuary

Roberta Griffiths, Spa Director at Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa, Keswick suggests: “The trend for cold water swimming has grown significantly during previous lockdowns, particularly on our own doorstep, in the beautiful Lake District. Whilst you may not have a local lake you can swim in, you can still achieve some of the same health benefits from the comfort of your own home. By turning your shower to the coldest setting for the last few minutes of your routine you will wake up the body, invigorate the skin and improve your circulation, which in turn can result in a strengthened immune system and reduction in stress hormones within the body. For best results, try to do this two to three times per week. For the fantastic health benefits, it is well worth feeling the chill!”

Emma Pridding, Spa & Leisure Manager at The Spa at Carden, Cheshire suggests “Though we may be stuck inside during this lockdown, when it comes to your bathroom, make sure that you’re bringing the outside in. Nature has plenty of fantastic benefits to our health from improving air quality to fighting off any lingering bacteria. Studies have also found that house plants can give you a boost of energy!  Many people don’t think about putting plants inside the bathroom, but the moist and warm environment is not only perfect for the health of the plant but will also do wonders for your health too. A plant like a fern will thrive in the bathroom”

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