Introduction to EFT

Imagine a simple tool that you can do at home, by yourself, that costs nothing, is easy to learn, and it can change your life in every area – from making more money, losing weight, feeling more confident, releasing phobias, sleeping better, eating better, less pain, and more energy.  That sounds like a fantasy, but I see it daily.  People’s lives are changed.[sociallocker]

Jane (names have been changed) comes to me seriously frustrated about her business.  She is struggling, and feeling hopeless, and thinking of quitting.  It is like everything she touches just doesn’t work.  She has had a person working on her website for months and now the website designer is not even returning her phone calls – and she has paid her in full, because she was told it was ready.  As we talk she admits that this is a life- long pattern.  She has a feeling that she can’t rely on anyone.  Everyone always, let her down.  And worse still, they ignore her, and push her away.  Even in childhood she felt that she was ignored and no-one listened or helped, especially her parents.

As a counsellor I would have listened to this story and talked about ways to feel more confident and be more assertive.  But this is not the real issue.  What is needed is a reprogramming of the beliefs and thoughts.  Then the feelings and actions will change, resulting in a new ending.    This is where the power of EFT really comes to the fore.

“New science is proving that it is our core beliefs that control our thought patterns, provide fuel for our emotions, drive chemical changes in our body and essentially produce our reactions and attractions to the external world”  Karl Dawson

We tap on the feelings, on the deep hurt and abandonment.  The core beliefs that no-one cares and no-one is going to listen.  We change those thought patterns, and those around change.

This is a true story.  We finished our session and within 15 mins her website designer phoned her and said that it was nearly ready, and she had just a few questions.  Within the week, it was handed over, exactly how she had hoped it would be.  This was a year ago and her business has gone from strength to strength.

Maybe that was just a coincidence, but it happens over and over again.  We clear the junk that is getting in the way, and life flows freely.  Emotionally releasing the old beliefs, leaves room for new powerful and supportive beliefs.

What is EFT

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, or sometimes called, psychological acupuncture.   You might have heard it called ‘tapping’, because that is what we do.  We gently tap with two fingers, on points on the face and body, while saying what we are feeling.

I specifically teach a version called clinical EFT, which uses 9 tapping points that are used in clinical trials. EFT is science based and validated by dozens of clinical trials.  (I will discuss some of these a bit later) There are a few variations of tapping styles using more, or less tapping spots, but all work on the same principle.

The tapping positions are points along the meridian lines when the energy congregates.  By gently tapping on these points we can release the blocked energy.

While tapping we also state what we are thinking and feeling.  This sounds negative, but it is stating the TRUTH. No pretense, no cover-up. This is how we are, right now, what we are saying to ourselves in our head, and how we are feeling.


This is a sample of a chapter published in the book,  The Book of Energy Healing.  To pick up your copy click here.


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