Jamie Sea Shares Your Unorthodox Money Management Rebrand

When it comes to managing money, we are going to take a brand new approach!

Instead of me telling you exactly what to save or to spend, I am going to show you how to first create the most sustainable and fun relationship with your money. This allows you to expand your wealth in ways you never thought possible and also to see and think of money in a new way.

Think Of Money Like A Person You Want To Fall In Love With

When working 1:1 with my clients inside my Wealth Expansion System, the first step is always to think of money like a person you want to fall in love with. What is your current relationship with money? How do you spend, save, receive, attract and give? Most money relationships stem from the relationships that you have with past experiences growing up, personal experiences and societal conditioning. It’s really important to gather a general understanding of where we are with that relationship. If we improve that relationship with money that will dramatically improve receiving money, how you take action and it shifts your perspective of opportunity in general.

Write Money A Love Letter

How can we take a deeper look into that relationship? By writing a letter to money, you will start to uncover your relationship with it, where you developed your story around it, how you treat it, how you view it, and how you save and spend it! Ask questions like this:

  • What is my current relationship with you?
  • How do I treat you?
  • Why do I treat you this way?
  • Here is how I would like to treat you.
  • Here is what our future looks like together.

Next, I will guide you through three of my most potent and powerful activities that you can do after you complete your money letter.

Take Money On A Date

What do you do in your personal relationships when you want to make someone feel special or get to know them better? You take them on a date! Remember, we are thinking about money like someone we want to fall in love with. Therefore, money dates will be what you do weekly and it will begin to reconnect your current spending habits, and relationship with viewing bills and/ or profit loss reports.

What I would highly advise is to make it fun, set a date on your calendar that will be your money date day and decide what you want to learn about your money that day. Get in a new environment, light a candle, put on some music, pour a glass of champagne or green tea and get intimate with understanding your money more deeply. This process is meant to assign new imprinted memories around money, new feelings, emotions and experiences that can support a more expansive and beautiful growing relationship.

One of the best way’s to see your progress is to journal. Pick up your copy of Rise And Shine Better Me (hardback) today. Click Here

Love Money Unconditionally

Next, I would like you to think of your partner or someone you deeply love. When they are sick, when they are well, when they are dressed up, or cosy in their PJs, you see and love them the same. This is going to relate back to your money. Anytime you see a penny, treat it the same way you treat a hundred dollar bill. Let your body get so filled up with excitement and joy around receiving the energy of your money. The only reason you may treat a penny differently than a larger sum of money is because of your perception of its worth. Would you only treat your partner a certain way if they looked a certain way? Absolutely not! All of your money is valuable and the moment you start to sink into the gratitude of it, the more deeply your relationship will grow.

The Giving Tree

Your last activity is your bank account activity. So often when I first start working with my clients inside my high level program, High Vibe Money Mama, they have a very large fear around looking at their bank accounts for fear of how it will make them feel and the potential of it activating their nervous system into dysregulation. I would love to have you practice the activity of first renaming your bank account, I personally call mine The Giving Tree. After you give it a beautiful name, you will visit it daily and no matter what the number says, repeat this: “I can’t wait to watch us grow together! No matter what, I know that we will be supported. I know that you will take care of me, and I will take care of you. Regardless of what you show me, I know I am secure, safe and grounded.”

Which of these strategies will you put into action today?

About The Author

Jamie Sea is an author, thought leader and a wealth energetics coach who educates mompreneurs and female entrepreneurs on how to come home to their worthiness, clarity, and wealth empowerment through high level thought work, energetic strategies and quantum mechanics. Jamie works with women who feel stuck or overwhelmed with reaching wealth in any season of life. She implements her unique methodology to help them get clear on their values, align their money with those values, live a purposeful life using the unique framework of a High Vibe Money Mama + money aligned to your values + purposeful life = wealth expansion.

To work with her you can view her offerings here : www.therisingwolf.com