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Jane Plan A Healthy Eating Plan For Busy Women

My motivation for starting Jane Plan was based on my own personal weight loss experience. This, together with the fact I had worked in a hospital with people who had serious weight related issues, made me want to help people struggling to eat, and live, more healthily.

Over 60% of the UK are overweight or obese, so it’s a very serious issue and I felt that the ‘diet’ industry was failing people. Which, is why I founded Jane Plan – Jane Plan is a healthy eating plan – we create, and deliver to your door, everything you need to eat more healthily and achieve a healthier weight – all your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, plus the support you need, from one of our qualified Nutritionists. It’s the perfect one stop solution – especially for busy business women!

I wanted to create a plan for busy women that was easy to follow, affordable and 100% convenient. I myself have tried every diet going, and it was only when I stopped ‘dieting’ and put myself on a healthy eating plan, that I actually lost weight – and 30 years later, I have never regained it. I know if we make it easy for women, women living very busy and stressful lives, they will succeed. And I know if we make the food delicious – they will stick to it – in fact at the time I lost weight I was working at the BBC with lots of celebrity chefs – like Delia Smith, so I have a real interest in food. After the birth of my third child, I retrained in Nutrition, then worked in a hospital in bariatrics – and the rest is history.

Having started Jane Plan in 2010 from kitchen table, I am proud to say we’re now the largest business of our type in the UK, we’ve sold over 30 million meals and helped thousands of Jane Planners achieve a healthier, happier weight. I would never consider myself to be an entrepreneur – I am just an ordinary women who wanted to do something to help other busy women people manage their weight.

Too Busy To Ever Think About Yourself?

I hear this all the time, as business women, we rush from pillar to post, organising not just ourselves and our work lives, but also our families. When I wake up in the morning I am already thinking about work and what I have that day, but I am also thinking about the various household chores I have to do, children who need organising, bills that need to be paid, a fridge that needs filling, washing that needs doing. The last thing I think about is myself; and my health, well-being and diet are at the bottom of the priority pile.  Not surprisingly that many women when faced with an insurmountable ‘things to do’ list before breakfast, choose to skip breakfast all together or grab the nearest convenient breakfast en-route to work. That’s where Jane Plan comes in – it’s all so easy, every meal is pre-prepared for you – as well as being perfectly portioned, calorie counted and healthy, it is also super easy – you can simply grab and go.

Working Every Hour?

Do you work through lunch, or get something from the local supermarket, deli or coffee shop, then eat at your desk? Mindless eating, the very opposite to mindful eating, means we often eat a lot more than we realise. Not to mention that the average ‘take out’ sandwich is full of salt, sugar and saturated fat – and may well be in excess of 400 calories.  Then there’s the mid-afternoon sugar slump! Who doesn’t reach for something sugary to keep them going until the end of the day?

The Jane Plan lunches can be stored in your desk drawer, or even in your handbag  so when lunchtime comes around, you don’t need to worry about rushing to the coffee shop and wasting time standing in a queue – and you also don’t need to worry about what you’re eating. Our Nutritionists have done all that for you. Because our meals are nutritionally balanced, you won’t get that mid-afternoon sugar slump – but of course if you do feel like a ‘pick me up’, we give you a snack too.

How Convenient Is It Really?

Apart from the fact we deliver everything to your door every 28 days (and you don’t need to be in to receive your box) you don’t need to store everything in your fridge or freezer. This is all because of our very healthy, and very natural cooking method. We call it ‘steam fresh’ and what it means is that once we have prepared your meals, they are then sealed and steamed to a high temperature. It’s a bit like vacuum packing, and means that whilst we don’t need to use any preservatives, you don’t need to refrigerate or freeze. This also means, if you walk through the door after a hard day at work and want to eat as soon as possible, there’s no de-frosting – everything can be cooked in the microwave, or oven in a matter of minutes.

Will It Fit Into My Family Life As Well As My Working Life?

Absolutely – I frequently will sit down at the table with my Jane Plan Penne Bolognaise, serve up a homemade pasta dish for the rest of the family and then we all share a bit bowl of salad or veggies. That way I don’t feel deprived, but I know what I am eating has only 300 or so calories in it. And if I have a work or social dinner (or lunch) to attend, I choose healthy options and simply skip my Jane Plan meal.  In fact we even have a ‘weekends off plan’ if you don’t want to follow Jane Plan at the weekends and our team of qualified Nutritionists are on hand to advise on menu choices and to share recipes to cook yourself.

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So How Much Time Will I Save?

Well, you won’t need to do a big supermarket shop, you won’t need to think about what you’re going to eat for every meal, you won’t need to calorie count, worry about being healthy and you don’t even need to prepare your meals – that’s all done for you. (No shopping. No chopping – no thinking) In fact, you don’t even need to log into a complicated app or attend a meeting. If you do need help, support or motivation our qualified Nutritionists are on hand 7 days a week, and we hold weekly online live events where you can ‘ask us anything’ (just join from your phone). Plus there’s a Facebook group and an entire hub packed with information. There are even workouts to do from home. It’s all free and at the press of a button!

So Will I Actually Lose Weight?

Yes you will. Everything you eat will be planned and prepared for you – perfectly portioned and calorie counted. We work on a 1200 calorie daily intake, as recommended by the NHS for healthy, sustainable weight loss. You won’t feel hungry because we have balanced the meals to be nutritionally complete – and you can add in your own fruit and veggies too. We’ve tried to think of everything, and with hundreds of thousands of happy Jane Planners, I hope I can help you too.


About The Author

Jane Michell is nutrition and weight loss expert with over 20 years’ experience. Prior to starting Jane Plan she was working in a hospital helping people achieve a happier and healthier weight. She founded Jane Plan from her kitchen table 13 years ago – Jane Plan , and has grown to become the UK’s most highly rated healthy weight loss plan, delivering meals, plus Nutritionist coaching, all over the UK.

Is a published author, frequently on TV and a regular contributor to the press on all things health and weight loss, Jane is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. Together with her team, Jane works tirelessly  to  deliver a quality service, that anyone looking for a healthier weight, can trust.

To find out more visit: www.janeplan.com

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