Jen McCarty: 3 Toxic Thoughts we need to banish in 2019

For the earth to reach 5D consciousness, and in order to live a happily fulfilled life, there are three things we all need to banish this year.  I work with the law of attraction and many seldom understand the power positive thinking has in everyday lives. We have been programmed to listen to our mind and not tune into our heart and soul, for true change we need to go back to our roots, undo that programming and focus on expelling any toxic thoughts.

At any new moon point during this year, I suggest that these toxic thoughts are addressed and banished.

Three that specifically come to mind include:

  1. Banish the need to gain approval from others – we are all to often caught up in making sure we are keeping people around us happy. This is total rubbish brothers and sisters, look at those people around you, are they keeping you from making big leaps or are you too worried about what they will say. Banish both thoughts, release those from your life who are no longer serving your true souls calling, and truly listen to your heart when it comes to making big and small steps.


  1. The addiction to lack – this again comes down to programming, and sometimes past life behaviour creeps in. If all that we have ever known is lack than we have programmed that belief into our subconscious mind, and as the subconscious mind is connected to the super consciousness field of all that is this is what the universe will deliver to us.


  1. Comparison complex – first stop comparing yourself to others, just because they are doing something a certain way doesn’t mean it is the way you should. The realisation that we are all unique, and designed to be unique, is something to be cherished and nurtured. Whenever we compare ourselves to another person, we automatically enter the realms of ego, separation and illusion, as every soul has incarnated with a unique specific gift which only they can deliver.


In order to banish these thoughts, first you need to realise how truly powerful you are.

Secondly, Awareness is key – have you ever wondered why in any ‘self-help, twelve steps programme is Awareness plays a big part? Because changing any habits or programming is realising and being aware that you are having those thoughts in the first place.

Thirdly is Choice. We all have to make this choice – give in or let go. The first key is becoming aware of your thoughts and notice whether you are running an old lack based subconscious programme and if you are, in that moment make a sovereign choice to choose something different.

There are many methods that can help you through this process, including mediation and positive visualisation. Making it a daily time out regularly, to clear your mind of anything that could be self-sabotaging and replacing that with a clear visualisation of receiving what we want becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If we imagine we are abundant and that we are living the life of our wildest dreams, then that is what the universe shall deliver to us.

Finally, my final piece of advice to you, is to be mindful and selective of whom you share your visions with. Surround yourself with those who vibe the same as you, who are supportive and loving.

Negative people, bring negative energy.

Jen McCarty



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