Jessica Summers On An Elegant Healing Modality: Access Bars

Less than two years ago, I had just set up my own therapy business and chosen to be self-employed. Exciting times you might think; I was also struggling with anxiety, depression and a heavy dose of impostor syndrome. Quite by chance I came across a body of work and an organisation called Access Consciousness. I haven’t looked back since.

What is Access Bars?

The foundation of Access Consciousnessis a hands-on energy healing modality called the Bars. It involves touching 32 points on the head that correlate to different areas of your life, such as money, control, creativity, the body, awareness- to name just a few. When these points are held, the points of view you hold about any area of your life begin to dissipate, releasing the electromagnetic component of thoughts, leaving you feeling lighter, more positive and open to fresh experiences.

Just Too Easy

As a hypno-psychotherapist, the concept that thoughts, feelings and emotions were something to be dissipated rather than ‘worked through’, took some getting used to. Could it really be that easy? Touch points on the head, feel better? I trained in the Bars but held off using it with clients because, ironically, it seemed too easy and I was worried people wouldn’t value it. After using it with friends and family for six months, I could no longer justify withholding this from clients: people recovered from depression in just one session on more than one occasion; feelings of peace, calm and wellbeing from the session lasted for two weeks and more. I was personally experiencing massive changes in my outlook from having my bars ‘run’ every week. I was waking up happy and excited to be alive EVERY single morning.

The tipping point for me in sharing this process with clients was when I came across a study of the Bars by neuroscientist, Jeffrey Fannin. He actually used Electrophotonic  Imaging cameras to measure the biophotonic energy in the body whilst two people gift and receive the Bars. His images and readings of the brain during this time quite honestly astounded me. They clearly show that 63% of the participants have elevated levels of brain activity that, in conjunction with previous studies, would suggest higher states of consciousness.

What’s Truly Possible Here?

All of my life I’ve been a seeker of more; going on retreats and reading every book I can get hold of that offers hope for expansion and going beyond what’s considered possible. I can honestly say that I have ceased to seek for answers beyond myself and have actually started living the journey of my life. If you’ve been a constant seeker, you’ll know just how significant this is.

I now include Access Bars, Body Processes and ideologies in all that I offer as a therapist. Clients are rapidly going beyond what’s wrong and what they’re struggling with, and are moving towards what they’d like to create as their lives and what sort of world they can contribute to creating. And almost everyone I’ve worked with has experienced some level of change, and of these, most clients experience significant change and a rapid shift in the reference points that create their reality.

So if your points of view are responsible for creating your reality, who would you be without them? And without them, what else is possible for you and everyone you come into contact with on your journey?


By Jessica Summers


About the author

Jessica Summers is a Hypno-psychotherapist, Creativity Coach  and Access Consciousness Facilitator from West Yorkshire, UK.  She is passionate about empowering people to know that they know, and to recognise their own unique presence and innate creativity: in business, relationships and the undefined. Where others see limitations, Jessica sees possibilities.


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