Jill Liberman – Choose Happiness & Make It Your Mindset

What is the one thing everyone wants? To be happy! It impacts everything in our lives- the way we sleep, the choices we make, our relationships, the way we look and the way we feel.

Many people think they will be happy when  something specific happens. For example, “I’ll be happy when I find a new job”. You may be happy that something happened, but that event will not make you a happy person.

Happiness is not a destination, it is a  journey. It is a mindset. Happy people don’t have the best of things, they make the best of things. Happy people train their minds to see the good. They surround themselves with people who support them and lift them up.

Another great tip to living a happy life is to have something to look forward each day. It could be as simple as coffee with a friend, spending time with you dog, reading, doing yoga- whatever it that you enjoy. Carving out that time each day for something you enjoy is very important.

Eliminating negative words is another helpful tip to living happy. Replace words such as can’t, won’t and never with positive choices. One common characteristic happy people share is gratitude. Appreciate what you have rather than begrudging what you don’t. When you appreciate things, your whole outlook changes. You recognize that you “get” to do things instead of “have to”. For example, when you appreciate being employed, your attitude towards working changes. You don’t have to go to work you get to go to work.

Happy people create their own opportunity. They expect a positive outcome. Remember that you have a choice how you look at situations. Do you have authors, entrepreneurs, friends who inspire you? Is there a magazine or podcast that lifts your spirits?

Surround yourself with positivity, it’s contagious. What changes are you going to make today?


About The Author


Jill Liberman is a best selling author of five books, a motivational speaker and Founder of Choose Happy, a global lifestyle brand devoted to positivity.

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