Joey Banh Shares The Quote, “Choose A Job You Love”

I have always believed the quote “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. I started my stationary brand, Toastedink, through my love for drawing and wanted to use it to spread love, positivity and most importantly put a smile on peoples’ faces. I began my business during the Covid19 pandemic for this very reason, starting off by selling pun-filled greetings cards and cute stickers on Etsy.

The demand for my products and response from customers on Etsy was incredible, I was receiving multiple messages every day from customers expressing how my cards and stickers were bringing happiness to their loved ones, which only inspired me to continue to design further products and eventually launch an official website. Fast-forward to now and Toastedink has had television features on the likes of ITV’s This Morning and has been launched in HMV stores across the country.

What makes me most happy, is seeing the enjoyment my products bring to my audience. I started my business to spread love, therefore as long as my customers are happy and I am delivering products that bring joy to them, I am happy. Nothing can beat the feeling of knowing that I am making a difference to people’s happiness and wellbeing. I also love to watch motivational videos to keep my morale high, something that has really boosted my motivation, drive and joy during my business journey.

Finding Freedom – Original Painting by Jacqueline Rose. Click Here For Some More Info

I was able to turn my hobby into a future career, and therefore I never want my enjoyment to feel like work and it never does. I live and breathe Toastedink and I love being able to put out what I want to the world and manage the business in whichever way I choose. Coming from a marketing background I was able to use my existing skills to market my brand which helped everything to come together, along with my passion and excitement for doodling. It makes me happy knowing that I have been able to turn something I love into products that spread joy, and the importance of that is much more valuable to me than the amount of sales made.

I believe that loving what you do is so important for your own happiness, in many aspects of life. I never imagined my side-hustle would eventually turn into a career, but I believe my passion and dedication has enabled me to grow Toastedink as a business, whilst loving every moment of the journey.

Do you have a hobby you would like to turn into a side-hustle/career?


About The Author

Joey Banh is the Founder of British stationary brand, Toastedink. Joey began her business with the hope to spread love and positivity through creating handmade pun-filled cards and stickers during the Covid19 pandemic. After being identified as ‘the doodler’ by many people throughout her life, Joey turned her love for drawing into a successful online business that now has an extensive range of products from enamel pins to memo pads.

Joey’s overall mission of Toastedink is to make the weight of the world a little lighter off of everyone’s shoulders. Since launching, Toastedink has had roaring success, with products being available to buy in HMV stores across the UK as well as in a number of independent retailers across the world.

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