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Show Your Lymph Some Love And Unlock The Best Kept Health

Secret To A Healthier, Happier You…

Many of us have experienced a huge shift in our lifestyles these past 12 months.  Working from home has become the norm rather than the exception.  Though striking the balance and boundaries right between work and home life has been a challenge for some, overall the general consensus from my friends, clients and customers is the change in pace is refreshing.

No dreaded daily commute means shorter less stressful days, ditching make-up in favour of a much more natural look, and ‘zoom ready’ meeting outfits (aka on point fashion up top, comfy lounge wear down below) are particular welcome changes.

Yet repeated lockdowns and a less active lifestyle seem to have played havoc on our health and wellbeing.  According to research Body Ballancer carried out earlier this year, 42 percent of British adults have reported an increase in feeling exhausted, and a further 39 percent are struggling with insomnia.  A third (33 percent) of those interviewed regularly experience headaches and migraines, 37% percent suffer from bloating and discomfort, and 25 percent from skin break outs.

This has left many feeling baffled.  Surely less stress, less exertion, and less exposure to the pollutants we find in our beauty products and daily commuting environment should naturally lead to a healthier, happier you right?…

Wrong!  But let me let you into a secret. One quick and very simple health fix holds the key:  Our lymphatic system.

Often referred to as the ‘transport network of the immune system’, the lymphatic system is recognised by doctors in Europe and the Far East for its importance to preventive health care, so vital is it to our immune function.

Lymph vessels specifically designed to carry and excrete away the toxins in our system via the liver and kidneys, help our immune system keep us healthy.  Yet unlike our blood vessels which have the heart to pump the blood around our body, our lymph system relies on movement to keep it flowing.

When our lymphatic system gets blocked or overrun through lack of activity, stress, illness, or toxic overload, it can lead to a host of problems such as swelling, excess cellulite, joint pain, nausea, extreme lethargy and fatigue.

The good news is that there are some really simple lifestyle changes you can make to get your system back on track.  Here’s my top five tips:

  1. Get Active– Inactive lifestyles are by far the biggest culprit for poor lymphatic health.  Signs of a sluggish system include exhaustion and lethargy, bloating, heavy legs, poor skin tone and loose skin.  If you fancy a bit of fresh air then gardening, walking (especially brisk walking while swinging your arms), jogging, or cycling are all perfect forms of exercise to liven your lymphatic system up. Simple activities such as dancing to your favourite songs, climbing stairs, and performing household chores is enough to get the lymphatic system moving.
  2. Stay Hydrated – Yes, this seems to be the answer to all ills, but when it comes to the lymphatic system it cannot be underestimated. As lymphatic fluid is made up of 96% water, even mild to moderate dehydration can have a significant effect, causing stagnation and congestion. And remember, we are already dehydrated when we feel thirsty so try not to wait until then to reach for the water bottle.
  3. Zone Out – Stress is one of the major causes of poor lymphatic health as it leads to an increase in the production of the hormone cortisol, which is known to affect lymphatic flow. Activities such as meditation, yoga, Pilates, practicing mindfulness and even simple breathing exercises are key to combating stress and anxiety.
  4. Brush It Better – Dry skin brushing is a great way to release toxins by stimulating the tiny lymphatic vessels that sit just below the skin. Best done first thing in the morning before showering, begin with the soles of the feet and brush with upward strokes as you move up the legs and towards the heart. Use the same method on your upper body, beginning with the hands up your arms. The routine should take you no more than 5-10 minutes. For best results, look to repeat 3-5 times a week.
  5. The Magic Of Massage – The most effective way to guarantee a healthy lymphatic system is through massage. With celebrities such as Chrissy Tiegen, Jennifer Aniston, Lada Gaga, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham extolling the virtues of lymphatic massage, the treatment is beginning to become more widely known in Britain.  Though lymphatic massage is increasingly being offered in some of the UK’s top end spas and clinics, manual lymphatic massage is a very specialist treatment and can be difficult to find in many parts of the UK.


Which one on these tips will you get started on today?


About The Author


Body Ballancer Systems UK Ltd was founded in 2018 by Jules Willcocks.

Jules was first introduced to lymphatic drainage massage back in 2014 on the recommendation of a friend, who raved about the amazing results she was experiencing as a result of this little-known and under-appreciated form of massage.

Within a matter of weeks of trying it for herself, she noticed a significant improvement in her body shape and skin tone, as well as her overall state of health.

Amazed by the results, Jules decided to make it her mission to spread greater awareness of lymphatic health and champion the benefits of lymphatic massage.

Recognising how hard it was to find the treatment in the UK due to a lack of qualified therapists, Jules gave up a successful 35-year career as a business consultant in 2017 to re-train as an MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) therapist.

In June that year, a chance encounter with a Body Ballancer® system whilst on holiday in Spain opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Recognising the ground-breaking potential of the system for businesses and consumers alike, Jules immediately contacted the distributor and less than six months later, Body Ballancer Systems UK Ltd was born..

However fear not; the team at Body Ballancer® are on a mission to make the treatment more accessible to all.  This versatile, relaxing yet revitalising compression therapy system uses the proven principles of manual lymphatic drainage to offer a no touch lymphatic massage without the need of a therapist.

Available both as a treatment in spas and clinics across the UK or to purchase for home use, visit the Body Ballancer website to find out more.

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