Julie Leonard Shares The Season of New Beginnings

Have you found yourself heading rapidly towards the end of the year and realised that you haven’t achieved any of your goals for the year? Well I have good news! You have not left it all too late. In fact, you are right on time.

New Year Resolutions Don’t Work

How many of you do what is expected and set New Year resolutions in January only for them to last a week or two (if you’re lucky)? With research showing that only 8% of us achieve our New Year’s goals, perhaps it’s time to readjust this thinking and shift perspective.

As a Life Coach, I have in the past focused on the beginning of the calendar year for new starts and goal setting. However, that all changed when I read the research showing that the best times for goal setting are during periods of natural change. And that time is now. Summer has come to an end, the leaves are changing colour, and I have that back to school feeling. It feels like a season of transition and of new beginnings.

 September Is The New January

There is now evidence that September is the new January. So many of us are conditioned into that back to school feeling (think new clothes, school bag and pencil case). In fact there is a sharp rise in September of people signing up to weight loss programmes, searching out career development, going to the gym, changing hairstyle and working on household budgets. It’s also now the most popular time to get married. I also see more people reaching out for coaching, ready to make changes such as a new job, get healthier, get rid of negative thoughts, find love and so on.

Why Autumn Is A Good Time For Goal Setting

  • Research shows that if you set goals in Autumn you are more likely to achieve them. For example, those signing up to weight loss programmes are twice as likely to reach their goal.
  • It has the ‘fresh start’ effect. This time of year embraces this new beginning feeling. It’s a time to declutter everything and everyone that no longer serves you and to get clarity on what you do want. It is closely connected with having a clean slate. And with it, a chance to draw a line and have a renewed sense of motivation.
  • You can harness the natural change of seasons. Following the seasons is closely tied with natural periods of transition and change.
  • It is a time to consider what you still want to achieve for the rest of the year. The year isn’t over yet. After another challenging year, it is good to feel that you can take some control and end the year well. What do you still want to do in Q4?
  • And you can get a jump start on the next year. Starting now means you are well under way as the New Year begins, making it easier to continue.

Get A Jump Start On Next Year

As you reflect on what you have achieved this year and think towards the goals for the rest of this year and the coming year, think about what is important to you, what you want to prioritise in your life and don’t forget to include some joy and fun too. Starting now, what small goal could you achieve by the end of this year?

Now you have some new ideas for setting some goals what are you going to get started with today?

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About The Author

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Julie Leonard is a Certified Life Coach and Happiness Evangelist with over 30 years of Psychology, Mental Health and Coaching Experience. Along with her Coaching Practice, she is the founder of Sunndach.com providing workplace wellbeing in companies, the creator of The Intentional Happiness Circle and author of the No1 bestseller, Intentional Happiness: The Life-Changing Guide To Being Happy and Staying Happy. She is also the host of the weekly online International Women’s Happiness Club.

She is so passionate about happiness and living life with intention and supporting women to feel happy. She truly believes that you do not have to be defined by your past, held back by your limiting beliefs, or remain stuck because of your negative inner critic and fear.

She used to be that woman. But not anymore, and not for a long time. And after transforming herself and her life and supporting over a 1,000 women over the past 30 years, she knows that you can take control of your life, let go of limiting beliefs, get clear on what you want and truly live the life you desire. To be successful. To be Intentionally Happy.

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