Kate Heussler Shares What Traits Would Serve You Best As A Business Woman?

Kate Heussler Shares What Traits Would Serve You Best As A Business Woman? 

  1. Discipline To Be Consistent

The single most important attribute to becoming successful, personally and professionally, is self-discipline. It helps you stay focused on reaching your goals, gives you the grit to stick with difficult and challenging tasks and situations, and allows you to overcome obstacles and discomfort as you push yourself out of your comfort zone. Self-discipline is like a muscle; the more you train it, the stronger you become. Having the self-discipline to be consistent in business also builds trust and improves efficiency. Your Business Plan will define your purpose, vision, goals and strategies to achieve those goals. Make sure you update your business plan to match your minimum viable product as it evolves.

  1. Purpose

The dictionary defines “purpose” as the reason for, which something exists or is done, made or used. This sounds relatively non-descript, though hear me out. When you break it down, it turns out, purpose is important – to your physical, mental and emotional health. Having a sense of purpose gives us clear reasons for what we want to do. People with a sense of purpose work hard (and work smart) because of a genuine and burning interest in achieving their goal, rather than because they have to.

I have found that meaningful intention can help you stay focused on the things that matter most to you. This also applies to family, friends, faith, career and more. It helps you prioritise your life – allowing you to walk away from certain people or situations that don’t serve your purpose. I call this asserting your boundaries. It’s a main driver to stay motivated when things get tough, so you can set and meet short and long-term goals. And maybe most of all, it makes you feel like you are making a difference in the world. For me, my business purpose is heavily aligned with my personal values; I get to be the person I needed when I was younger.


It plays hand in hand with your business’s competitive edge. In today’s day and age where prolific use and access to the Internet and high consumption rates on social media platforms all make the world a much smaller marketplace. Everyone appears to multi-hatting as an entrepreneur. You’re never alone, and your competition can be anyone. Whether you’re a products or services based business, what sets you apart from your competitors? My answer is YOU. No one has your combination of skills, qualifications, passion and determination, sense of humour and wit – and grit, so use them to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to show up unapologetically as yourself. You’ll find what works for you, you’ll attract the right type of customer and over time you’ll naturally build on your confidence, self-esteem and courage to keep going.

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Kate Heussler is a business woman, model and coach. She founded The Model Masterclass to educate and train the next generation of models entering the fashion industry with the business skills they need to thrive.

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