Kristin Morris Shares How I Maximise the Benefits Of My Downtime

As a business owner and a busy mother of three, it can be difficult to carve out space in my calendar for relaxation and downtime. Winding down at the end of a busy day used to mean having a glass or two of wine and watching TV with the ever-present laptop glowing away in front of me.

In January, I started working with a health coach to make some changes in my lifestyle choices. Alcohol was off limits, exercise was to be a daily ritual, and I have been following a nutrient dense meal plan.

The Unexpected Side Effects

The unexpected side effect of getting my eating and drinking habits under control was a surge of energy and productivity in my business. Projects which were mere ideas in my planner were suddenly launched and out there in the world. It’s brought a whole new energy to my life and my business.

So, now rather than working all hours, feeling mentally foggy, drained, and unfocused, I have several solid productive hours a day on my work.  My downtime is focused on activities and healthy habits that are going to make those work sessions even more productive so that I can 10x my results.

Here Are My Top Recommendations:

Focus On Your Health

Taking the time to move your body each day lowers your stress hormone, Cortisol, and releases Endorphins, the happy hormones. You will have a higher and more sustained energy level throughout the day without the dips and peaks.

Try to eat a diet of primarily whole, nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods, cut down on sugar, and drink more water. Your brain needs water to function. If you are dehydrated, you will find it hard to focus on your tasks for a sustained period.

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Journaling & Gratitude Practice

Taking the time to journal each day is not something that comes naturally to me, but I know that it is so beneficial. I use my journal in three different ways:

  • To write about my goals as if they have already happened and describe what life will be like once I have achieved what I am working for.
  • To list 3-5 things that I am grateful for in that day and the best things that happened during the day.
  • Doing a brain dump at night of all the little niggles that are playing on my mind. Just knowing that I have written them down on paper is enough for them to stop swirling around in my mind while I am trying to get to sleep.


I love to read and I used to have so much more time for it. Now it is a struggle to fit it in, but I choose books which are for personal or business development, so I know that I am making a positive investment of my time. There is an old saying ‘Leaders are Readers’. Look at the gaps in your knowledge and find a great book to consume in your downtime.

Meditation & Visualisation

There are so many benefits of meditation and I knew I wanted to give it a try. Sitting still doesn’t come naturally to me, but once I trained as a Rapid Transformational Practitioner, I learned techniques to get into a meditative state on my own.  Here is a simple exercise you can try:

Close your eyes and take deep calming breaths and then imagine yourself walking down a set of ten stairs. As you take each step on the stair imagine yourself sinking further and further into the relaxed state and feeling calm and peaceful.

Visualisation is a powerful technique for managing your outcomes. You imagine yourself achieving a specific outcome as if there is a movie playing in your mind. The more you can connect with that vision, the more your brain will work to make it become your reality. Much in the way that reading a scary story can trigger an actual fear response in your body, thoughts have a powerful impact on your reality. Use it to your advantage.

If you want to see how incorporating these habits into your routine can improve your business results,

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About The Author

Kristin Morris is a Business & Marketing Strategist who helps coaches, consultants, and course creators start and grow their online businesses. She teaches her clients how to build an ecosystem around a signature offer which serves clients at every level of the customer journey. She is certified in Digital Marketing and Creative Strategy by Meta and has previously taught an accredited course called Creating a Start-Up Business. She is host of the Online Business Like a Boss Podcast and will be publishing her first book in November 2023.

Kristin lives in Jersey, Channel Islands with her husband and three daughters and is completing a Master’s  degree in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health a King’s College London.

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