Libby Stevenson Shares Life After The Menopause

No woman can escape the menopause. It is a natural process of ageing and it affects all women whether you have children or not.

The menopause is defined as “the permanent cessation of menstruation” by the British Menopause Society and, consequently, it marks the end of a woman’s fertility, she can no longer have children. However, the end of one stage of life leads to the beginning of another. From personal experience, I can assure you that life after the menopause can be just as vibrant as your life before it.


Here Are My 4 Easy Tips:

1) Start With Optimism And A Positive Mindset

Mindset can have a massive impact on your menopause experience. The way you think becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and your mindset directs your approach to life. Therefore, whichever way you think about the menopause is the way you will experience it: think positive and your experience will be positive and vice versa. One of the ways to shift to a positive mindset is through a gratitude practice, which helps us recognise the good things in life despite the bad things that might be happening. Remember that you will be living one third of your life post menopause (the time of life after the menopause) so you need to find a way to get comfortable with it.

2) Adapt To A Changing Body And Explore Ways To Stay Healthy

The menopause is a transformative process for the body. The lifestyle in our 20s, 30s and 40s no longer suits us because as women we have the ageing process and the decline in hormones working against us. Every part of the body is affected: from our muscles and bones to our brain, heart, gut, skin and hair to name a few. It’s important to re-evaluate our nutrition, exercise, selfcare practices, sleep habits and stress relief strategies – all of which impact our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Be pro-active in your health and be open about the areas of your life that need tweaking. Then readjust your lifestyle accordingly.

3) Find A Purpose Or Follow A Passion

This is the stage of life when we have time to pursue our hobbies or passions. I had no hobbies but I had a love of yoga. As my children became adults and started leaving home, I was left with a lot of time to invest. I chose to do that by becoming a yoga instructor in my late 50s. I wanted to learn about all the aspects of yoga for which there is no time in a one hour class: the philosophy, the anatomy, etc. It was the best decision ever! It has taken me on so many unexpected and mentally stimulating journeys. I have met so many wonderful people. Follow a passion and you will be surprised where it can lead to.

4) Find Support By Connecting With Others Going Through The Same Stage Of Life

This one is by far the most cathartic. Knowing that other women are experiencing the same physical symptoms of the menopause or the same midlife issues as you normalises your experience. When we connect with other women, we feel supported and that makes us feel better about ourselves. Instead of giving into self-doubt, we receive self-validation. Knowing we are not alone on our menopause journey is an empowering feeling.

So there you have it: 4 easy tips for a vibrant life after the menopause.

How will you live yours? Leave me a comment below…


About The Author

Libby is a leading women’s yoga instructor, wellbeing expert, influencer, expert pod host for the Peanut app and Head of Yoga & Wellbeing for Harley Street at Home Menopause – the first online wellness platform specifically for women over 40. She is a brand ambassador and content creator for Mojo Wellbeing, a division of Unilever.  She has been quoted in The Telegraph and featured in Sheerluxe for best online yoga classes for women.

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