Review Lifemax – The Soothing Sounds Dial

As many of us continuously rush through our lives with our various daily work and family commitments, when we do find a minute to sit down it’s near impossible to relax and switch off.

It’s important for all of us to invest time for some relaxation and rest, in order to optimise our mental and physical health. No only does this help to improve our quality of sleep but relaxation reduces blood pressure and heart rate while increasing blood flow to the major muscle. It also reduces back pain, headache and muscle tension while improving concentration, according to a number of health experts .

Therefore, with this in mind I was excited to receive one of The Soothing Sounds Dial in the post as I too find it difficult to relax and sleep. I’ve been using The Soothing Sounds Dial now for 14 days and nights before writing this review and have found it amazing and easy to use. I believe a lot of thought must have gone into creating this device.

I love 11 of the 12 soothing sounds it has to offer as we all have different tastes and moods to please. My personal favourite is Tranquillity. I was not sure about the White Noise sound but hey, we’re all unique.

The feature of 30,60,90 minutes before the music fades also works well for me  as I often use The Soothing Sounds Dial to either get off to sleep or to listen to at the dreaded hour of 3 am. I also thought it was great that I can use my headsets in bed for my own personal enjoyment and easily control the volume of the music playing. The dial has a light on it so you can choose the music you require and the length of time you’d like it playing for in the dark. The only down side I found was you could not turn the light off so I had to put the dial under my pillow so as not to disturb my husband. By doing this it sometimes moved the dial on to another soothing sound from the one I’d chosen.   This was a minor niggle and by no means a huge problem as,  I mentioned earlier,  I enjoy 11 out of the 12 soothing sounds.

I’ve also used The Soothing Sounds Dial while relaxing in the garden now Summer has finally arrived. So the battery feature (this device also has a power adaptor) is  a very welcome.  I also found the  small stand  very useful for propping the  Dial   on a small table while listening to it when out of the house.

All in all, I would highly recommend The Soothing Sounds Dial as it’ s been a constant companion in my life the last 14 days. I also think just   seeing it on the table is a constant (and welcome)    reminder to take some time out for me even if it’s only for 10 to 30  minutes during the day .  Highly recommended.

If you’d like to purchase a The Soothing Sounds Dial you’ll find it available from for £22.99 + £7.99 for a mains adopter.