Louise Westra Shares Don’t Overlook The Importance of Your Health

Don’t Overlook The Importance of Your Health When Growing Your Business

As a businesswoman you’re probably working on your mindset proactively and breaking down limiting beliefs and self-imposed limitations. But the way you think and feel and the choices you make are also heavily influenced by the function of your organs, so you need a strategy that supports those organs AND their biological needs. And if you overlook this aspect of yourself then you may pay a high price.

Why Is A Strategy Important?

There are 37 trillion things going on every second in your body. Knowing how to support your body is a fundamental part of your personal performance strategy, to stop you from draining and depleting yourself as you build your business.

  • Every second of every day your organs are working to:
  • Break down and digest your food
  • Clean up your cellular waste
  • Produce your energy
  • Balance your hormones
  • Build new cells for you

And so much more!

When you’re not meeting the biological needs of your organs it will have a ripple effect on your emotions, the way you think and on your behaviour.  That’s because those biological needs are like a tectonic plate creating stability, energy and resilience for you and everything you do. If that plate gets shaky then it will, of course, affect your health and thus your performance and eventually your business.

If you want to be at the top of your game you need to get super strategic and look closely at your individual biological needs as an insurance policy. That means looking at your DNA and the variations in your genome (DNA). These are what make you unique and they have significant impacts on your life via their influence on how well your body can meet the demands of your life. These variations are called SNPs but I refer to them as “glitches”. Once you know what they are and how they impact you and your performance, you can plan accordingly with your food, supplements and lifestyle choices.

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This is why genomics is so powerful. It can help you to understand how your individual genes are working for you and against you and thus provide the information you need to make specific, targeted choices that will support you and your business to really reach their fullest potential.

A Few Examples of How This Presents Itself

If you have a “glitch” in your ability to convert your rainbow foods into vitamin A your biological bandwidth is going to be narrowed in the following ways:-

  1. You might find it harder to see at night in lower lighting, because vitamin A deficiency often shows up in our eye health.
  2. You may be more susceptible to infections because vitamin A protects the first defence of your immune system.
  3. Your thyroid needs vitamin A as it helps convert cholesterol into sexy hormones.  So if you feel tired and are losing your mojo – whether that’s in general energy terms and/or in a reduction of your sexual appetite – then this biological need may be an issue.
  4. You may be more susceptible to skin issues such as eczema and even more prone to scarring from spots as a lack of vitamin A will impair your skin’s ability to heal.

This is just one example of how genomics can help you to understand your unique biological needs and then make specific, targeted choices to support optimal health.

By taking care of your organs in the right way for your unique needs, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel mentally, emotionally and physically. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on every aspect of your life, including your business.

Are you giving your organs the attention they deserve

and build your biological needs into your strategy?


About The Author

Louise helps humans to harness their biology to enjoy boundless energy, hormonal harmony and a robust immune system for life and business. She guides them to stop settling for mediocrity when it comes to their health, their daily experience in their physical body and the ageing process.

Louise has been a Naturopath for the last 19 years, collaborating with very driven professionals and business owners, to build and then sustain the best health of their life. She has an MSc in Western Herbal Medicine and is a best-selling author and speaker.

During the last 11 years she has been a magazine columnist and featured in The Sunday Times magazine, Conde Nast Traveller, Red, The Sun, The Daily Mail, Psychologies, Glamour, Health & Fitness to name a few and won Tatler awards for retrieving “mojos” and for being the best health “fixer”.

Louise’s years of experience with clients has taught her that if you aren’t consciously creating a biological experience that matches your goals, aspirations and dreams then you will pay a heavy price for that misalignment. However, this is totally avoidable if you know how to strategize accordingly for your own unique biological needs.





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