Lucy Watty Shares Creating Time To Relax As A Busy Mumpreneur

I mean being a mum can be pretty busy as it is right? Throw in being a Mumpreneur and life can get pretty crazy. It can feel like you’ve got a never-ending list that just keeps growing rather than getting any smaller. I get it, I run two businesses and have two beautiful crazy little children.

At times like this I find myself pushing my own wellbeing to the bottom of my priority list and pouring everything I have into everyone else. However, through my time as a mum and a busy professional I’ve learned that it’s important to fill our own cups first, create that time in your diary and share from the overflow. But how can we do this when our schedules are already so hectic?

When you think of self-care or having time to relax, does your mind naturally go to spending a whole day at the spa? While I love a spa day as much as most mums do, creating time to relax doesn’t have to consist of a huge amount of time or cost you anything. So, what can you do?

One of my favourite ways to relax and take time out for me every single day is to have some time in the morning to write my goals, set an intention and connect with who I AM. A short 15 minutes sets me up for a positive day and creates calm from the get-go.

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You could lock in a coffee date with your bestie, a girly chat can always lifts you up. My bestie and I often combine a walk in nature and a trip to Costa, a walking coffee date is the perfect combo.

My community of mums in The Mumpreneur Diaries, shared with me how they love to spend their time relaxing and we all had a lot of synchronicities. Taking time to meditate or read a book, a hot bath with a face mask or spending time getting out in nature and grounding themselves, exercising, colouring or watching a film. All things where we can zone out from all of the things we feel like we need to do and get lost in the present moment. Taking time to BE in the present moment has a positive flow on effect in all areas of your life.

As a Mumpreneur myself I know how hard it can sometimes feel to find space just for you in your life. That’s why at the start of this year I created the Mums Retreats hosted by The Mumpreneur Diaries. These retreats are a space for all mums to create, connect with themselves and celebrate through planned activities, a luscious lunch and stepping into your future here and now.

One of my passions is to empower women to take control of their time and not be swamped in the crazy world of running our own business, alongside being mum, wife, running a household and trying to find a moment for ourselves. So, I invite you this week to create some time just for YOU!

What is your favourite way to relax and spend time filling up your cup?

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About The Author

Lucy is a Virtual Assistant + blogger. Once she had her first daughter she realised she wanted to create more in life and have the freedom to be the mum and person she wanted to be. After starting her virtual assistant business early 2020, she has been able to make an impact on other mums, giving them the gift of more time, more empowerment and more space for creation.

Now a mum of two little girls, Lucy has even more drive to empower more women on their journeys of motherhood and business, giving them the support to also live life on their terms. Her years of study and work on personal development have allowed her to build the skills to scale her business and make each day productive.

Never one to shy away from supporting others, Lucy also loves to get involved in different fundraisers especially for charities close to her heart. After living in New Zealand for 13 years, where she met her husband, she now lives in Staffordshire, England with her family. When she is not creating for her businesses and clients you can often find her having a family adventure near & far or taking a moments peace with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

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The next full day RETREAT is coming up on July 2nd in Birmingham, UK – details on my website.

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