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I began MegsMenopause so that women out there wouldn’t have to suffer like I did, that they could have readily available information, and could understand what was happening to their bodies. Like many of us, I grew up not knowing much about the menopause at all. I just thought it was something that happened to women in their 60’s, they stopped their period and got a few hot flushes. Because of this, when I hit menopause, I had no idea. The biggest symptom for me was the anxiety. I went from a bubbly sociable person, to not leaving my house for 3 months. My family and I had no idea why I had suddenly become like this.
When I started to research the menopause, I realised there was little to no information out there. And that’s why MegsMenopause began. At first it was just a site so that women had somewhere to go to access information, and from there it grew, and continues to grow. The more I learnt, the more I wanted to share and help as many as I could.

The range was designed to help combat some of the more common symptoms that occur during the menopause. There is a cooling spray for those hot flushes, an intimate moisturiser and wash, both oil-based and water-based lubricants, a hyaluronic acid serum, and my personal favourite, the Meno-Blend. This is my vitamin and superfood supplement that contains everything you need all in one affordable sachet.

When creating my MM range of products there was a few things that were important to me. I wanted them to be as natural as possible, after beginning HRT and realising how much your body absorbs what you put onto your skin, I wanted products with as few ingredients as possible. I wanted them to be vegan and cruelty free.  They had to be environmentally friendly, so the packaging is made out of sugar cane husk instead of plastic. It was very important to me that they were affordable, and had a simple design, to avoid any embarrassment some ladies may have while buying them.

I then went on to create the M-Blend, which is a range of CBD – Cannabidiol products. CBD was something that had not reached many in the UK. I discovered it through an American friend of mine. And after 5 days of using it I knew it was something that I needed to continue to use, it helped with so many of my symptoms, the anxiety, the insomnia, headaches, and the list goes on. Again, I wanted there be something for everyone in this range. So, we made many different products that contained CBD. We have different forms of gummy bears, a spray, and oil that you drop under your tongue. They all contain great quality CBD, and they all work wonders.

About The Author

Meg Mathews is the founder of MegsMenopause. An icon of the nineties Brit Pop scene and a former music industry PR, events planner and designer, Meg has become an entrepreneur and an international advocate for the menopause.
Meg is a spokeswoman to raise awareness to the chronic lack of support for women going through the menopause in the work place and in all areas of their lives. She has been invited to speak at governmental institutions and ministries to vocalise this matter on behalf of all female staff, and help change not only the working environment but also try to be pivotal on new legislation approval to give further support to women going through the menopause. Some of these key participation’s include the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, BBC headquarters, 2019 Business Disability Forum, John Lewis & Partners, Superdrug and Stella Live Panel by the Independent, amongst many others.

This noble movement started by Meg has been covered by national and international media such as Lorraine (ITV), Loose Women, BBC Global Woman in News, BBC Victoria Derbyshire, BBC Breakfast News, Irish National Radio – The Ryan Tubridy Show, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio Sheffield.

In addition, print coverage for MegsMenopause includes British VOGUE, Red Magazine, Marie Claire, GRAZIA, The Times, Hello, Metro, Good Housekeeping, YOU, HuffPost, Natural Health (May 2019 cover), ES. Magazine, I News, Stella, Daily Mirror, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, The Sun, Closer, Daily Express, Ethica Magazine, Get the Gloss, Mail Online, Cosmetics Business, Woman’s Own, Io Donna! (Italy) and more.

Meg is an online columnist for Red Magazine and was named by the magazine as one of their Top 20 Career Shifters in 2017.

Meg is an ambassador for PETA, Pup Aid and Wild at Heart Foundation and supports many animal charities and environmental causes.

Instagram @ megmathewsofficial_ & @megsmenopause