Megan Mary Shares Her Pros & Cons Website vs Social Media?

Why A Website Is Still A Necessary Strategy For Your Business

The Early Days of Business

I have worked in digital marketing for 25 years for non-profit and for-profit organizations. When I first taught myself to code a website, it was 1995. Only a few years later, I co-founded a web design business with my husband. That was 25 years ago, there was no social media. Those were the days of small ads in newspapers and cold-calling. As our target audience was primarily other business owners, we had to connect with other businesses directly to make our business flourish.

From Social to Business: Adapting Strategies

When social media did begin to become popular, it was still very much considered just that, social for social purposes. At the time, many businesses did not allow their employees to use social media and the companies themselves were not using it either.

As platforms evolved, of course, companies began to realize there were millions of people gathered together in these digital spaces, and businesses began to flock to these platforms in droves to find customers. This is of course the pro of using social media, you have a candid, many times niche audience that you can market directly to, sometimes even narrowing it to a specific demographic and affinity. Decades later, I personally know people who began and ran their business for months before even launching their website, which is exactly opposite of the way it used to be.

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The Pros and Cons of Privacy and Security

I am old-school in my opinion about social media. I was raised to be extremely private, so social media stands in direct opposition to my natural inclinations. I recognize its benefits for businesses, but I still very much view it as optional, rather than a necessity. The assumption that it is imperative, will hopefully become outmoded.

I recently read an article that asked, “Would you build your house on borrowed land?” If not, why would you have your social media profile be your website? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up a restaurant, to check out their menu online, and have gotten redirected to Facebook. What if you’re not on Facebook?

If, like many people, you are inextricably intertwined with social media and can’t imagine your life or your business without it, I would argue that social media still should not be your only networking and sales strategy. Also, don’t feel that you have to spread yourself over all the platforms out there.  Platforms are finicky, with their complex algorithms, which they do not reveal to the business owners or general public. Pick one or two that really resonate with your business and the audience you want to reach. Because my target audience is women and my business service and message is uplifting, I concentrate most of my efforts on Pinterest. Some actually don’t even consider this social media, but more of an image search engine.

By having your own website, it is the home of your business. You have complete control over the branding, the messaging and the customer’s journey. You decide whether they see ads or not, how you lead them down the path to your product or service, and you then have the opportunity to nurture that relationship on your own terms, with your own matching domain name email.

5 Ways to Leverage Social Media Alternatives for Business Growth

Brainstorming non-social media strategies for this article was actually a welcome lesson in remembering for myself. A successful long-term business can still be created without the crutch of social media. When launching or growing your business, I would still recommend you not forget the following strategies:

  1. Email: Another now old-school strategy, is actually still alive and well. We all still use and check our e-mail every day, or at least very often. It is one of the most effective outreach tools today.
  2. Advertising: One can and should still advertise digitally without social media. Search engines are a great example of how even people that don’t use social media can find you. Organic strategies can be combined with paid strategies.
  3. Referrals: As the old saying goes, one thing leads to another. There is no better way to build your clientele than with satisfied customer’s praises and recommendations.
  4. Audio: Podcasts, like email, are still very accessible and popular. They aren’t tied to any specific social media platform and yet they have a very vibrant life outside of it. Host your own or contact other podcasters whose mission resonates with yours to be a guest.
  5. Blogs: Blogs, are the mother of original content. When you have your own website, you can have your own blog. The world is always thirsty for fresh content. Share yours with the world on your website. The more authentic, the more connections your words will make.

In closing, consider these questions. Who is your target audience? How can you best engage with them? it’s important when considering your digital marketing strategy, like any other strategy, to be diversified. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as another saying goes. Consider who you are trying to reach, your audience, and where they are. But most importantly make efforts to grow your business outside of social media, so it can stand the test of time.


About The Author

Megan Mary is a dream analyst and writer. After a career spanning 25 years in digital marketing, and being diagnosed with three chronic illnesses, she followed her soul’s calling and founded Women’s Dream Analysis. Her mission is to empower women to connect with the inner guidance and wisdom hidden in their dreams. She believes the symbolic imagery in our dreams is a key, once unlocked we can tap into our own innate transformative power, evolve our consciousness and ultimately discover our life purpose. She lives with her husband and two cats in Idaho.

To book a Dream Session or schedule a free women’s chat, visit:

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