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My name is Michelle I’m a nurse, founder of The Healthy Happy Nurse and busy mum of 3 children. I’ve been nursing for the past 22 years!  My nursing career has been amazing and yes at times very stressful, however not too long ago I found myself in a very dark place, I was completely burnt out, lost and overwhelmed.

I was so busy caring for my patients in the busy emergency department and my family that I had no time left for myself.  Every day I felt stressed, I was rushing here there and everywhere, I had no time to eat properly, I wasn’t sleeping properly and the only thing I looked forward to was pouring that HUGE glass of wine at the end of my shift.

Now, instead of reaching for that glass of wine at the end of that hectic shift I want to share with you 5 ways that have helped me get back on track after that rough shift which helps clear my mind and revitalise my energy levels:



This is such a great way to get rid of that frustration and that stress floating around in your system.  Exercise also releases those feel good, happy chemicals in the brain known as endorphins.  It doesn’t matter what type of exercise it is, just move your body.  Go for a walk, hit the gym, go for a run whatever it is get that body moving and you will soon start to feel clearer and happier.


Talk to a colleague, a coach or mentor.  Talking your shift through with someone in the profession is such a great way to download everything.  Discuss how you are feeling, what worked on that shift, what wasn’t working.  What could you have done differently? By doing this you can process the emotions and frustrations you may be feeling and able to relieve some of that tension that has built up.


The grounding effect of walking barefoot where free electrons from the earth are transferred into your body is one of the most potent antioxidants known in research!! Forget about the washing, forget the groceries for the minute, this is where you need to take some time out for YOU!  Get yourself out in nature.  Go for a walk out on some soft green grass, walk along the beach, put your feet in the ocean, go for swim, watch the sunrise or sunset.  Whatever it is get out in nature and soak it up.

  1. SLEEP

Get yourself to bed as soon as you can and try to get 6-8 hours sleep.  A good night’s sleep will not only have you feeling better, but it will rest and repair your weary mind and body.


I used to think meditation was some airy-fairy thing for different people, oh how wrong was I!!  Meditation is a great way to clear your mind after a hectic shift.  Even just 5 minutes will help.  If you are new to meditation download an app on your phone and start with a 5-10 minute guided meditation.  Take yourself to a quiet place, focus on your breathing and bring your mind back whenever you catch your thoughts wondering.  Remember focus on your breathing.


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Michelle has an online program The Healthy Happy Nurse, which launched on the 23rd March 2020.  If you would like to see more of my hints and tips or connect, follow me on facebook


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One thought on “Michelle Gordon – How To Revitalise Your Energy Levels

  1. Amazing! The Healthy Happy Nurse really has some amazing tips… I listen to her religiously and take on board so many of her strategies and implement them into my world. I find her advise so so helpful for us crazy, busy, frantic mums juggling waaaaay too much in today’s day and age. Altho I’m not a nurse, Dr or teacher, her program is designed to help anyone struggling with life’s stresses and keeping in-check with a healthy routine! You can’t be the best version of yourself if you don’t look after yourself right !!? I love love love Michelle…thank you for sharing your wonderful ways ??

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