Natalie Farrell – How To Find And Keep A Relationship – Part 3

Welcome to the final part of this series exploring how to find and keep a relationship. This series has given you an honest investigation into finding:

  • What maybe holding you back from finding love
  • Preventing you from unlocking the key to knowing yourself
  • Access to the 3 keys that you need to create excellent, long-lasting relationships

So far, we have delved into answering questions such as:

  1. Should we know what we really want in a relationship before we start looking?
  2. Should we know ourselves first?
  3. Why do we stay in an unhealthy/toxic relationship?
  4. How do we change ourselves for the better?

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In part 3 we will be exploring how you can start making these changes within yourself so you can fully own your:

  • Decisions
  • Reactions
  • Actions

Let’s start attracting the right person to you by opening the forum of love with the following questions:

  1. Why do I or should I settle for less?
  2. Where do I start making these changes in myself?
  3. How do I attract the right person to me?

Respect Yourself – Key No. 3 to creating excellent and long-lasting relationships

Settling for less than love is tarnished with shame.

Settling for less than love to fill a void in your life is destructive. The oldest self-care saying is to find love, you must love yourself first. This is so true.

But be warned to fully access a long-lasting relationship you need to be prepared to love all parts of you. The parts you fear. The parts you hate. Moreover, the parts you hide and hide from.

Face The Fears and Invite in the Tears.

When you get brave enough to face all the aspects of yourself, you begin to step into both the comfort and discomfort. As you move through this process of self-growth and evolution as you learn to respect yourself in a new way. You are offering time to this as a practice so you can be whole again and start to become highly attractive.

As you become more in tune with your needs and wants there is an internal shift you begin to feel comfortable with who you are, less embarrassed to do things, release the barricade of caring what others think of you. Here in this space of self-love and contentment, you glow. It’s this glow that your loved one is seeking to see in you. If this flame is out, then they can’t access you. How can you expect to find love? Be kind as you journey into this as it is a precious and fulfilling teacher.

In my book Light The Way, I challenge my readers into a space of discomfort inviting them to see love in a different way. I speak into the fact that love is not a thing we can possess. Love is a verb and a noun whose meaning has been stretched to fill gaps within our lives.

I suggest too that we can hide in love for a very long time as it offers us false security of being wanted. And as we stay in this unexpansive environment, we find comfort as we don’t have to face our fears of being alone or deeper still, being out of love. If you want to find true love, you must begin to let go of expectations of how love can solve your problems.

Stop searching for external verification that you are…beautiful… you are clever… you are capable and believe it about yourself.

Remember This From Part 2?

A little recap to remind you of how to invite in a self-loving ritual so you can change for the better.

Say out loud the following:

I am beautiful.

I am capable.

I am courageous.

I am worthy.

I am worthy of loving myself.

I am worthy of receiving love.

I am love.

Now take some time to reflect even journal with the following questions:

Did it feel comfortable or uncomfortable to say these things about yourself?

Do you believe these things about yourself?

When I work with women who are seeking love. My first bit of advice is to stop searching for love. And start to cultivate some Divine Me Time.

A time that is specifically carved out of the day to honour whatever it is their body needs. Desires in that given moment. Divine me time allows you to cultivate that glow that your true love, soul mate, a twin flame is unconsciously seeking. It is this glow that when you meet your love makes you say things like

It was love at first sight

The world stopped moving

I just knew you were the one

I said all these things when I met Freedy my soul mate in Mayfair, London – near Berkley Square – and as the song says when true lovers meet in Mayfair songbirds sing… I am telling you true love exists. You can be in your own love story. Once you get out of you own way and allow these changes in yourself to take place.

Where do we start making these changes in ourselves?  To embrace these changes, I want you to:

  1. Stop using your time to search for love.

Instead, I want you to:

  1. Start devoting your time to searching for the things you love doing. Searching for friends and sisterhood, brotherhood relations that nourish the very essence of your soul.

Carving out Divine Me Time rituals will create a compass for you to surrender to the fear of being alone and begin to trust and allow the unfolding of the unknown to start to reveal itself.

It takes guts, courage, and curiosity to keep turning up every day to face the experiences that oscillate between light and dark, truth and untruths. To fully meet yourself can be an exhausting experience, but it means that you become more aligned with your glow, and eventually day by day you begin to live a life that is fully embodied with all that you want.

You are finally at the point of knowing yourself. As you know yourself fully now you begin to feel attractive. You are ready to attract.

You are attracting the feelings of others without even trying!

You find yourself finding others attractive. As you shine out your natural attractiveness into the world just as nature does. you begin to send signals out to attract your mate.

Thank you for joining us in this fascinating look into how to find and keep a relationship. If this has helped you in any way, please do leave us a comment and Natalie will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have on this subject of finding love.

About The Author

Natalie lives in the South of Spain with her soul mate Freedy and Rocket The Cockerpoo. She is the author of Light The Way described as “a must-have soul guide to loving life, loving yourself, and committing to the true business of your soul.”

Through her work as a writer, presenter and intuitive coach Natalie empowers people to push to their edges: to embrace their wild, honour their inner goddess and to begin truly dancing with life.

Natalie’s leadHERship skills embody all aspects of her raw, divine femininity and masculinity while breaking conventions, creating change, and paving the way for others to follow.

Her unique strength lies in her gentle, loving essence and intuitive, mystical powers which light the way for souls to rise, awakening to their mastery and owning it fully.

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