Natalie Farrell – How To Find And Keep A Relationship

Welcome to the first article in this 3-part series where Natalie Farrell, relationship and wellbeing expert will be exploring and sharing tips on how to find and keep a relationship. Over the coming months you will discover the 3 keys to creating excellent and long-lasting relationships. Along with the chance to create and implement healthy habits to start attracting love the detached way.

Modelling Love The Learnt Way

 Should we know what we really want in a relationship before we start looking?

Yes. And No.

Firstly, let’s look back at all the relationships you have had so far in your lifetime. Parents, siblings, children, teachers’ business partners, partners, soul mates, and twin flames. All these relationships have been a platform for you: to learn:

  1. To learn how you relate to another
  2. A portal to discovering how others see and perceive you and the part you play within the relationship.

Communication Key No. 1 

To Creating Excellent and Long-LastingRelationships

Communication breaks down often in many conversations because of the lack of awareness and practise of active listening. A conversation is a two-way thread of words bounced back from one speaker to the other. Sounds simple.

However, if we enter a conversation with a pre-conceived idea of the outcome it is less than easy for us to truly listen to the other persons perspective. If we hear red, we see red! When the conversation breaks down in this way the core content of the initial idea/subject/feeling being communicated can often be misinterpreted.

Think back to a time when you had a conversation like this. A time when you felt you weren’t being heard. A conversation with a boss perhaps when you felt you weren’t being understood. Breaking the cycle of mis-communication creates new opportunities for each party to be better understood therefore opening new pathways to be heard, which in turn fulfils their needs.

To Become an Excellent Communicator,

We Need to Become an Excellent Listener.

A client of mine felt unloved because her husband never listened to her when they sat down to have a cosy chat. I pointed out that having a chat may not motivate him to show love or be his way of expressing his love for her. I asked her how he showed his love for her. “I am not sure! But he does cook for me every day, which I love!”

Et Viola, in an instant she realised his gift of love came through action not talking.  She began to enjoy the meals he had lovingly prepared for her even more and unsurprisingly the conversation changed between them. The flow of conversation began to naturally unfold. As he watched her enjoying the labours of his love, he felt loved and appreciated and began to listen to her gorgeous voice and stories – joining in with the conversation.

From Neglect to Respect – Should We Know Ourselves First?

Disconnection occurs in any relationship when we are out of sync with our own needs, values, and beliefs. When we are out of alignment with these core principles, we get triggered more easily by other actions, words, and behaviours.

Becoming aware of what you really want in a relationship is imperative when looking for soul connected relationships. For one who knows themselves remains centred and calm in difficult and challenging situations, which all relationships have. To know what you really want means you must be an excellent boundary setter and keeper.

Knowing Yourself  Key 2 

To Creating Excellent and Long-Lasting Relationships

In part two Natalie will be introducing you on how to unbind yourself from modelling love the learnt way and exploring the following themes:

  • Why we stay in unhealthy/toxic relationships
  • How we can change ourselves for the better
  • Where to start making these changes in ourselves


If you’ve found making a change in your relationship has made things much better we’d love to hear from you – leave us a comment…


About The Author

Natalie lives in the South of Spain with her soul mate and Cockerpoo. She is the author of Light The Way and Soulpreneur with a passion for guiding people to tune into their innate wisdom, find sanctuary in their hearts and freedom in their souls.

Through her work as a writer, radio presenter and intuitive coach Natalie empowers people to push to their edges: to embrace their wild, honour their inner goddess and to begin truly dancing with life.

As a leader, and founder of Cosmic Soul Coaching she embodies all aspects of her raw, divine femininity while breaking conventions, creating change, and paving the way for others to follow.

Her unique strength lies in her gentle, loving essence and intuitive, mystical powers which light the way for souls to rise, awakening to their mastery and owning it fully.

A natural communicator with music, dance, creativity, and colour flowing through her DNA, Natalie translates the light she sees in the world into something tangible to amplify the human experience.

Feel free to learn more about Natalie’s work by visiting

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