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How To Use Your Subconcious To Wire Happiness Into Your ‘Life Program’

Here are some tips you might find valuable to help you get from where you are to where you want to be:

Define What You Really Want

Give this some thought, it’s an important first step and it starts with some good questions, the better the questions, the better the answers. For example:

What would it mean for me to be truly happy?

Is more stuff or money REALLY what it’s about?

Am I balanced in looking for it ‘out there in the world’ versus cultivating it inside me?

‘Know Thy Self’

A profound quote by Socrates that can start a VERY worthwhile personal development journey that can absolutely lead to happiness, gratitude, meaning, purpose, even love!

The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of the questions you ask yourself every day, both consciously and unconsciously.

Most people are asking themselves questions like ‘how can I make more money?, how can I get that new car?, why am I always the one stuck with bad luck?, how can I get out of this?, who can I blame?, how can I justify this? Your questions and self-talk are a constant conversation with your subconscious mind and guess what? Its ALWAYS listening! You are contributing to your own mind programming by the language of your thoughts.

Here are some big questions worth considering when setting out to ‘know thy self’:

  • Without the job, my kids, my partner, my family, my house, car and status, WHO AM I REALLY?
  • What is that wakeful awareness just behind my closed eyes? Is it all ‘me’? What else could be influencing that presence?
  • Is it happiness or contentment that I really want?
  • What is truly driving me to want the things I think will make me happy?
  • Have my desires come from who I TRULY am or have they been ‘suggested’ or ‘imbedded’ in me from parents, school, society or my culture?
  • If I never achieved any of that, what would be left? Would it still be possible to be happy?
  • How would finding life meaning and purpose make things different?
  • What do the happiest people on earth have in common that I could emulate?
  • How much of happiness is about service?
  • How many people outside of my close friends and family would be deeply and meaningfully served by the things I think I want?

Learn About Your Subconcious Mind And How To Use It

Simply put, humans are like machines running on programs. Our body, organs, bones are our ‘hardware’. Our minds, how we make decisions, our world view and our emotional world, is all software and its PROGRAMABLE!

The BIG question is; what’s the source of your programs? Are they REALLY yours or somebody (or something) else’s? (as mentioned above).

Regardless, you have complete control over the programs you wish to install NOW! With a little knowledge you can become the master of your destiny NOT a victim to circumstance.

Being an experienced Hypnotherapist, I’ve come to learn a thing or two about this very topic. I’ve helped literally thousands of people stop smoking with hypnosis, eliminate binge/emotional eating and drinking, reduce anxiety, stress and overwhelm as well as build emotional resilience to adapt and respond to adversity and challenge,

Here are some quick and simple things to know about your powerful sub-conscious and how to use it:

  • The hypnotic state is a completely normal and natural state you experience EVERY day when driving, watching TV or reading. Your unconscious mind is naturally present when you’re doing ANYTHING that puts you in a calm, focussed, relaxed state.
  • With that in mind, be EXTREMLY careful what you subject your unconscious mind to when in that state such as TV shows and commercials (TIP: they don’t call it TELEVISION PROGRAMING for nothing), radio or any form of advertising. Advertisers know EXACTLY how (AND WHEN), to communicate with your subconscious: the part mind that TRULY makes all your buying decisions!
  • Practice the meditative state by bringing yourself into the presence. You might find it hard to begin with, but remember; you get good at what you practice! It’s about increasing your capacity to focus. You could stare at a candle flame, use relaxing music, sounds of nature, become aware of your breath and visualise it going slowly in and out of your heart space.
  • Here’s where the programming really starts. When in that relaxed hypnotic state, chose your self-talk carefully, become aware of the things you’re visualising.
  • GET IMAGINATIVELY CREATIVE with the imagery. You are literally writing the program of what’s to come with a powerful ‘picture program’ creator.

And lastly  . . . .


If this is can all be done on your own, imagine what you could achieve with some professional help?


About The Author

Nick is a Sydney based Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Owner of ‘Healthy With Hemp’; an Australian made medicinal hemp oil company. He has helped thousands of people face-to-face and all over the world, helping them quit cigarettes, lose weight, eliminate binge eating and drinking.

Nick is a Certified HeartMath Coach helping individuals build their personal resilience through the use of simple, scientifically validated tools and techniques to help you self-regulate your body’s response to stress, challenge and adversity.

Nick teaches life-long skills that you can use anytime anywhere to increase wellbeing, personal and professional performance and quality of life experience. He is a passionately inspired public speaker, published author and a sort after guest on many podcasts and public interviews.

Contact Nick today to see how he could serve you or your audience. 1300883272


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