Out Now – The Energy Healing Magazine’s My Book of Blessings

A couple of months ago a friend wrote an article about how to deal with stress.  In it she said that, when times get tough and unpredictable things happen,  she reads a journal that she keeps regularly.  In the book she lists all of the things in life she’s grateful for.  The sort of things you forget when everything’s going wrong.  She called it her book of blessings.  I thought the book of blessings sounded like a great idea.  We all experience some form of stress in our lives, no matter who or where you are.  But she said her book of blessings was just an old scrappy notebook that found and decided to make use of.  Apparently you can’t buy a ready-made book of blessings that you can write it.  I thought that had to be fixed.  We can all do with a book that helps us keep perspective when we’re just about ready to lose our heads.   So here it is. A book The Energy Healing Magazine has produced just for you.  My Book of Blessings.  On the back of the book it says:

Your personal reminder of all the amazing things in life you have to be grateful for. My Book of Blessings allows you to bring into your awareness the good things that are happening in your life on a day to day basis. By keeping a journal of your own very special blessings you are automatically rewriting the negative script that you have allowed to be placed in your subconscious and replacing it with positive and productive scripting that will deliver to you, more positive and productive outcomes.   Click here to pick up your copy from