Paul Gurney – Six Things to Know About a CBD Balm

The CBD balm range in the UK is gaining in popularity as more people search out alternative options for aches and pains or workout induced inflammation.  There are a wide range of balms on the market, so to help you chose which balm is right for you, I’ve put together a list of 6 things to know about CBD balm when shopping

1. CBD Strength – Does It Matter?

The muscle balms on the market range from 50 mg of CBD to 600 mg of CBD. On some level, it is important to have enough CBD in the product to take advantage of the relevant features. Anything around 150mg is useful and a great entry level product for those new to CBD while 300mg and higher would be considered high strength. Be careful of product size, as the cheaper products sell in large 100 ml sizes, while the best products on the market sell in 30 ml and 60 ml sizes.

2. Storage – Room Temperature Or Cooler?

Most muscle balms have one thing in common: they become unstable under a higher than room temperature. Above 25 degrees Celsius, the product will likely turn to goop. At higher temperatures it can completely liquify! The product when cooled will often reconstitute and can still be used but of course the chemistry of the formulation will have changed plus the distribution of the CBD in the product. So, do not leave it in your car or in a non-air conditioned room as next time you go to use it you will be in for a surprise. It’s best to keep it in a cool cabinet or drawer away from natural sunlight.

3. Pricing – Formulation Is Worth Paying For

The products range in price from £15-£45. At the cheaper end, the formulations are basic with CBD likely an isolate and not the broad-spectrum CBD we would recommend.  At the high-end, products formulations are enhanced with differentiated technology.

4. Effectiveness – How Long Does It Last?

This will depend on the amount of CBD and each individual endocannabinoid system. However, for a topical application over a few days, you could expect to see some improvement. There are products on the market with encapsulation and time release technology which slowly release CBD over four to five hours as opposed to immediately. These products trade at a premium to others on the market, but we feel the premium is justified as it extends the potential effectiveness of the product.

5.  Application – How Much to Apply?

The cheaper formulations on the market bulk up their formulation with extra base to make it seem like you are purchasing a lot of CBD.  For example, a 100ml size for these products is standard, but really it just dilutes the effectiveness of the CBD.  I am a fan of smaller sizes, with similar or higher CBD content.  For these formulations, you can get away with applying much smaller amounts, which dry quicker and are less odorous than the larger sized products which encourage a consumer to slather on the product. Therefore, although the product is smaller in size, they can last a number of months.

6. Ingredients – Other Plants Matter

The plant ingredients work together, so it is important to know what other ingredients are in the product. They can work together to help ease inflammation as the plant world is filled with natural remedies. A common ingredient across products is capsicum, which is found in red peppers and turmeric and is known to help relieve inflammation. There are more expensive botanical options like Arnica Montana Flower extract, found in premium products.

My personal favourite is the CBD Muscle Relief Balm by Cerious. It  includes 150 mg of high quality broad spectrum CBD extract, which also has a unique time release formulation. It has a mild scent and a silky non greasy finish, which I personally prefer. 
Have you tried any CBD products yet?
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