Plamena Dincheva Explains Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a simple energy and confidence promoting, guided but ultimately self-help set of methods.  It is based on the idea that everyone can harness the Theta wave frequencies that occur naturally in the brain (but not as frequently as we would like) to create change on several levels: mind, body and spirit.  It is scientific fact that our brain emits energy wave frequencies that are associated with different levels of consciousness from the deepest Delta waves to those most frequent associated with ultra-consciousness, like Beta and Gamma waves.  Theta waves are produced in meditative states and most often in sleep.  They are associated with highly intuitive states, vivid imagery and access to information beyond normal consciousness.

Think of energy healing as a way of unblocking your potential and outlook on life to help you achieve a state of well-being. Theta Healing is a discipline and practice, not unlike yoga or a martial art, that creates transformational changes at a mitochondrial level, at a cellular level, at a subconscious level, and ultimately at a conscious level.  It can induce cellular repair mechanisms in the physical body and induce up-regulation of gene transcription that produces anti-inflammatory cytokines that improve mental and physical performance.  Although sometimes referred to as a miracle healing method, science is beginning to reveal the epigenetic basis for improving or worsening our health.  we create our lives based on the feelings and beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind.

How can Theta Healing help you?

  • You can change your beliefs, and the impact of your beliefs on the actual outcomes of your life.
  • They say that luck is where preparation and opportunity intersect. Anecdotally, Theta Healing has improved people’s luck in areas like self esteem, wealth creation and prosperity, love and relationships, relieving stress, feeling healthier and spirituality.
  • Theta healing is deeper state of relaxation than associated with Beta and Gamma waves, and thus an opening of the channels to others that normal consciousness normally closes the gate on.
  • You won’t be sleeping but I will help you get into a semi-conscious state that will have an epigenetic effect on all your cellular functions, particularly thoughts, interconnections with others and a sense of calm and well-being.


By Plamena Dincheva,

Plamena Dincheva’s fame as a spiritual medium, theta healing practitioner and performance coach is quietly and steadily growing month by month. Since she has moved to London 5 years ago, her career has blossomed with appearances at a number of events and seminars that focus on empowerment and self-development. She is particularly attuned to women and couples issues, and has a magnetic power with children ranging from self-esteem issues to getting along with others to eating disorders. Her insight and vivown acious (and sometimes kooky) personality put others at ease, and allow them to look within themselves to discover their own power and purpose.